12 Apr 2012

How the poor die/give birth

This is an intentional  but completely organic juxtaposition between birth and death in modern society. And it’s all completely true.   Memphis, TN: In the modern world, the poor, birthing mothers are herded into stainless steel cages along-side poor mothers miscarrying. When I was giving birth to my oldest, I

09 Apr 2012

Iran, Israel, the US, and Hate

This kind of speaks for itself.   I think we might actually be able to stave this war off. At least, maybe? But has hope for democratic solutions ever burned brighter since 1950? I don’t think it has.   I think there is hope for bypassing the fake “democratic” institutions

07 Apr 2012

When is Enough, Enough With the Democratic Party?

Really, what would it take? I feel like we would probably have an equal chance at “re-taking”  the Repubs at this point. Obama said after he was elected but before he was sworn in that he wanted “entitlement reform”. That means repealing /cutting social security.   I thought at the

06 Apr 2012

Can We Talk about Chomsky’s Social Libertarianism?

First of all, I’m pretty sure Noam Chomsky is at least a little bit smarter than I am. His insights regularly blow my mind. So my default position is assuming that it’s probably me that is lacking in vision when I try to envision a better world.   But I

04 Apr 2012

American Poverty FINALLY documented.

All over the internet (not here) I’ve been called a liar for telling my very true stories about kids knocking on the door and begging for bread. Now, it has finally been documented. http://www.bbc.co.uk/panorama/hi/front_page/newsid_9695000/9695217.stm The detached, statistical side is now documented here:   http://www.offthechartsblog.org/under-2-dollars-a-day-in-america-part-1/ Living on less than $2 per

02 Apr 2012

How did Romney become the only viable Obama alternative?

At the very beginning of the GOP race, it was more or less assumed from the outset that all the other candidates were “not Romney” alternatives to eventually be found lacking. That opinion was almost as prevalent in the leftie alternative media as it was in the MSM. Why? It’s

19 Feb 2012

What if Monsanto was Nationalized and then Globalized?

What if all the Monsanto technology was distributed free, to every scientist in every country? Monsanto is currently evil, no doubt. But it’s currently a capitalist adventure. The technology can be used for good. Biotech is a mixed bag of nuts. Monsanto’s technology was developed with US taxpayer dollars during

17 Feb 2012

The Strange World of the Foreign Policy/NGO/CIA Blogosphere

I just recently ran across this very strange world of foreign policy blogging. It might already be familiar to many of you, but it’s new to me. I’ve been familiar with Chomsky for years and have fact checked him many times before, and I know he’s generally correct. I also

09 Feb 2012

A Leftie Messaging/Strategy Idea

COMPLETELY ABOLISH MEDICARE IMMEDIATELY. Here’s  a finding from a recent Pew poll: People under age 30 are divided in their views of both capitalism and socialism. But to Americans age 65 and older, socialism is clearly a negative (72%), not a positive (13%), term. And…   By contrast, socialism is

30 Jan 2012

Can Someone Tell Me What Happened to the Left from 1985-2009?

WTF happened, guys? Did the MSM just turn fascist and become a propaganda tool during that time? Or what?   I’m honestly (no shit) not judging. I wouldn’t know 1/100th of what I know without the internet, so I give you amnesty. Seriously. I just want to know what happened