13 Dec 2010

Let’s talk about Marxism

First let me be clear; I am not a socialist. I don’t think the government needs to own all businesses. I don’t think a totally “class free society” can survive, because I believe people DO respond to the incentive of “having more” by being more productive, being more industrious, creative,

11 Dec 2010

More on a Left/Right Alliance

A lot of the posters at one of the Ron Paul forums are sane. “We” fundamentally disagree with them about taxation and social security, but that’s about it. They’re against the wars, they see how both major parties are corporatist, they’re pro-Wikileaks, and anti pornoscanners. They say Obama’s a neocon.

09 Dec 2010

Proof that Healthcare Rationing Happens in the Absence of Insurance Companies

http://www.nice.org.uk/newsroom/pressreleases/LiverCancerDrugNotRecommendedForTheNHS.jsp NICE has been unable to recommend sorafenib (Nexavar, Bayer) for treating advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) because its high cost could not be justified by its marginal benefit. There are many, many other examples. There’s not enough money in the whole world to provide everyone with as much healthcare as

06 Dec 2010

I Think We Should Apologize for the Whole “Public Option” Thing…

…Not to Obama et al, but to our fellow Americans who identify as “conservative”. It was sneeky. It wasn’t honest. I know we really need some sort of “Improved Medicare for all” type thing, and that thousands of people die a year in the US for lack of access to

01 Dec 2010

“They’re Takin’ Our Jobs!” (Immigration Discussion)

But seriously, when did “the left” decide to become the pro-illegal immigration proponents? In my local paper and in the national news, legal immigrants are now being conflated with illegal immigrants. I have nothing against illegal immigrants on a personal level; I think they’re just trying to escape narco-tyranny and

30 Nov 2010

My Anecdotal Experience with Talking to “Moderate Independents”

In my experience, they are terrified of “socialism” but don’t understand that social security is “socialism” (redistributing wealth from the young to the old). They assume that we “leftists” are “radical” but don’t understand that we just want to save social security and medicare (and maybe expand them). In my

28 Nov 2010

Debate: Can We Find Common Ground with the Tea Party?

We on the far left and those on the far right do agree on some things. We’re all civil libertarians, for real. We agree that both parties primarily function to serve corporatism (although we define it differently…we think “corporatism” means gov primarily serves corporations, whereas they think it means gov primarily

28 Nov 2010

Thread for Dreaming Dreams about a Progressive Third Party

In Europe, people have been rioting over stuff like potentially increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62. Here, we do NOTHING when the retirement age is proposed to moved to 69/70 from 65! Our democratic “progressive”  leaders have often stood by silently, watching normal American policy get trashed as “socialism”