13 Sep 2008

Sleeping with a Secessionist …

With Todd Palin, with Sarah Palin, the question must be asked:

How can someone who could possibly be in line to become President of the United States be associated with a group that advocates secession from the United States?

06 Sep 2008

Why Is Environmental Defense’s Krupp Calling On Green Groups To Avoid Talking About Global Warming?

Who should be speaking out strongly on Global Warming’s impacts? On the relationship of Global Warming to mounting storm and other threats to the nation? Who should lead the discussion about how federal flood policy has increased vulnerability to storms? Who should undertake the challenge of communicating how storms (worsened by Global Warming’s impact) threaten offshore energy infrastructure? If you answered “environmentalists”, Fred Krupp of Environmental Defense would say that you’re wrong. Guess what Fred … you’re wrong. And recklessly so.

22 Aug 2008

Pickens’ Plan vs Pickens’ Problem?

With The Pickens’ Plan, T. Boone Pickens speaks to the need to end America’s oil addiction, to move off oil. With The Pickens’ Problem, T Boone Pickens speaks to continuing the status quo, to drilling the hole deeper when it comes to oil addiction. Unless the second is resolved, it is hard to take the first seriously.

The Pickens’ Problem is undermining the chances that The Pickens’ Plan will ever see fruition.

11 Jul 2008

What Fraction Of America’s $4+/Gallon Gasoline Is Due To The War In Iraq?

Gasoline prices at the pump have gone up by over $2.50 since before the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom to today. A question asked: How much of that price increase is a premium due to the Iraq War and other Middle East tension? A question asked … Answered?

09 Jul 2008

Picking at Pickens’ Plan

Legendary conservative oilman T. Boone Pickens says oil is a dead end!

And, somewhat like another oddball Texan, Ross Perot, Pickens is investing a substantial sum to convince America of the challenge … and a proposed solution path.

Let’s take a look at some strengths and weaknesses of PickensPlan.

22 Jun 2008

The Power Of 350 … Spreading The Word

The situation is dire. How can we communicate this more forcefully? There are many serious issues out there, from FISA to Flooding, gas prices to gotcha politics. Yet, every moment that passes, we are pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere and we’ve crossed the line of atmospheric levels able to sustain viable, progressive modern society. 350 ppm or bust … Spread the word!

16 Jun 2008

500-Year Events? Perhaps in Dog Years

Have you noticed? Right now, much of Iowa and the Midwest is suffering through a 500 year flooding event. Does it seem like 100 and 500 year events are becoming ever more frequent? If your answer is yes, your impression fits with the scientific analysis. … What is “normal’ is changing around us.

18 May 2008

Eco-Friendly McCain: Disdain From All Sides

The McCain campaign’s greenwashing efforts are getting hit from all sides and could actually provide a unifying factor across the political spectrum: everyone finds it absurd. As per EarthFirst, Finally, Something the Righties and Lefties All Agree On: McCain Needs to Stop this Environment Crap.

04 May 2008

Mark “Energy Smart” Begich

This year could be a breakthrough year to truly change the nature of dialogue and action in Washington, DC, and nationwide. On the tip of the toungue: will there be a super majority in the Senate (59 Democratic Party, One Socialist (Sanders), and the only Connecticut for Lieberman Senator)? One of those seemingly long-shot, now truly competitive races that could help achieve this change: the race for Alaska’s next Senator.

01 May 2008

Energy Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest …

My six-year old son is addicted to the Berenstein Bears. One of his first successfully read books: Ready, Get Set, Go which teaches adjectives and suggests that no one is best at everything. How many times read between us? 10? 25? Maybe 50? As any parent can tell you, a favored book like that becomes imprinted in your brain.