13 Jan 2009

‘Watt’s Up’ with Dumb Web Popularity Contests?

Okay, “best of the blog” are stuff the ballot box events, with next-to-no validity behind them, but there can be actual consequences for having ‘bad’ sites named “best”. When it comes to science, an ASS-promoting (that is, anti-science syndrome) site is on the top of the pile. Quick action can put actual science on top of the list.

21 Dec 2008

Plugging In for a Better Tomorrow: The School Bus ‘Solution’

When people hear “plug-in vehicle”, they think Chevy Volt or a Plug-in Prius, cars far coming to the market. We have an opportunity to spark a renaissance in public school transit, with manufacturing that can begin today (here in America), that will reduce the diesel used to get kids to school, reduce health risks from fossil-fuel pollution, and save money … What are we waiting for?

20 Dec 2008

Elation to Confusion to Elation Again: The Obama Energy Appointments Roller-Coaster

We wait and watch, with baited breath, President Obama’s decisions about who will serve in senior positions in the Administration.

When it comes to the critical issues of climate change and the creation of a clean energy future, some appointments have created great elation, fostering hope for Change toward something better.

Euphoria has, more than once, shifted to confusion with appointees whose devotion to and experience for creating a sensible path forward remain (generously speaking) open to question.

That confusion (dismay even) can shift quickly, as it did this week.

14 Dec 2008

Inhofe Plays while the Boxer’s Away

Global Warming denial has a warm and cozy home on the minority side of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee. Yet again, on the eve of the Christmas holiday, Jim Inhofe and side-kick Marc Morano have released a shrill and utterly deceptive “report” falsely claiming a large number of scientists rejecting Global Warming theory. Yet again, the Majority side seems to have gone on vacation while the Minority uses the Commitee platform for propagating disinformation and deceit.

26 Nov 2008

OH NO!!!! Americans using less electricity!!!!

Whether from recession, prices, or otherwise, Americans are using less energy — gas use fell off earlier this year (although the 50% drop in prices will likely see that trend reversed) and it looks that electricity use is falling across the nation. Is this something bad? Good? And, what might it mean?

08 Nov 2008

Fired Up? Obama and Energy Independence

Barack Obama has fostered one of the most impressive political machines, if not social movements, in American history. Will this movement turn toward another form of national service? Will Obama-Biden campaign machine turn to, for example, fostering energy efficient practices throughout American society?

02 Nov 2008

Pickens buying CA vote?

T. Boone Pickens is making a name for himself, spending $10s of millions to sell Americans on the false illusion that he is offering a solution to our energy challenge which, by the way, will make him $billions. He is, less visible to many, spending $10s of millions to create and try to pass California’s Proposition 10 which would set back sensible energy policies while earning T Boone $billions.

01 Nov 2008

John McCain: We Know You by Now…

John McCain is soon to enter history when it comes to Presidential politics. One part of his obituary will be his flip-flopping truthiness, with the Straight-Talk Express split into pieces to go multiple directions at the same time. Energy and Global Energy are arenas of some of the greatest and most blatant truthiness.

21 Oct 2008

How America Can Break Its Coal Addiction (Or: no, coal isn’t necessary)

It seems ordained, almost chiseled in the stone blown up to mine it, that coal will be core to America’s energy picture essentially forever. To be perfectly clear, anyone who states that “we can’t go to a no-coal future” is not telling the truth. That is, they are not telling the truth about the technical potential but might be accurate about the political potential in the face of $billions being spent by the coal industry and their front organizations. In fact, it is not hard to map out a path toward eliminating coal …

18 Sep 2008

GM’s Lutz remains a Putz on Global Warming denial

General Motors is attempting to brand itself as the company of the automotive future with the plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) Chevy Volt. GM’s lead executive on this, Bob Lutz, has repeatedly stated his global warming denier beliefs while belittling the car in multiple ways. Message control?