15 Sep 2010

Just as EPA Doesn’t Like Getting Dumped on, Neither do West Virginians …

Will the EPA bow to industry pressure and authorized a disastrous mountain-top removal at Spruce Mountain? Rainforest Action Network (RAN) takes action to call attention to the issue.

10 May 2010

Five Percent a Year is all we ask …

Five Percent.

Five Percent a Year, every year, is all that we need.

Compounding works for money and it can work for ending our oil addiction and addressing climate change.

08 May 2010

A return to principles …

Six simple words serve as the core test for any climate legislation:

1. Scientifically Sound
2. Polluters Pay
3. Socially Equitable

Meet those standards and I’m onboard.

05 Nov 2009

Cancer on the Brain… and a Perspective on Health Care

My father-in-law has brain cancer. He is a good man. He is the type whose hands are (sadly too often) filled at the end of a stroll with trash he picked up on the way. He has helped others in need, whether friends (doing all too many renovation and repair

10 Aug 2009

LetterGate: Fossil Fuel Lobby Ready to Point Fingers; What About the Targeted Reps?

Perhaps you’ve missed it, but in the climate / politics world there’s been a bit of a scandal that blew on 31 July: paid by the coal industry, a lobbying firm had sent forged letters to members of Congress against climate legislation. Don’t worry … it was all a ‘temporary’ employee who has been fired. Never mind. Nothing there. Go back to watching TV.

12 Jul 2009

Republicans Reject Science; Scientists Reject Republicans

As the Republican Party ever-more prominently wraps itself in anti-science attitudes and positions, the scientific community ever more identifies itself with the Democratic Party and as liberals. Recent polling provides a window on this widening gap and suggests a potential avenue for scientists to reinforce the gap between most Americans and the Republican Party.

16 Jun 2009

CARS Program is Actually a C.R.A.P. Program

Amid the supplemental appropriations bill (warning, 144 page pdf), currently awaiting vote after a Conference Committee, is the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save (CARS) Program (pages 52-58). Naming bills in deceptive and often cutesy terms has truly become an art form. The CARS Program merits being in the same zone as the ever-so appealing sounding No Child Left Behind or Healthy Forests, an ever-so appealing name that doesn’t stand up to any serious scrutiny. To put it simply, rather than the CARS Program, this might be more appropriate called the C.R.A.P.P.: Consciously Rewarding Augmenting Pollution Program.

13 Apr 2009

Frederick Soddy: Lessons from a Little-Known Crank

Sometimes a light of reason shines through the pablum, confusion, and truthiness that so dominates the traditional media’s editorial pages. And, sometimes that light requires us to blink, to sit back and conceive, as it might force us to question fundamental societal concepts. Thinking through environmental economics leads to conclusions that challenge basic assumptions about how global society operates. Eric Zencey’s NYTimes OPED lays out such lunacies, lunacies at odds with The Village’s concepts and thus lunacies worth paying attention to.

26 Feb 2009

The Peabody-Pickens Plan for Perpetuating Pollution

Perhaps you’ve noticed a grizzled old Republican in TV ads offering a solution to American’s oil addiction or showing up at public events with Democratic leaders. Putting aside all the issues of T. Boone Pickens’ past, water issues in the West, etc., there is a core, fundamental flaw in The Pickens’ Plan. . . that 50%. . …

15 Jan 2009

A W4 Solution: Insulate US from economic and climate devastation

Amid our massive challenges, we face an opportunity to get things right in ameliorating current economic crisis while helping to strengthen the economy indefinitely into the future and help solve some of our quite serious and pressing problems. We must strive to have the stimulus package not look to short-term consumption adrenaline but be based on W4 solutions. Here is an example of a win-win-win-win option for truly changing the game for the better for America and all Americans.