31 Jul 2014

Vultures, Argentina, & Israel

News of the Argentinian government’s debt default is a hot media item recently but there is more to this story than meets the eye. The major actor pushing Argentina into default is a ‘vulture fund‘ manager named Paul Singer. Mother Jones last year portrayed Singer as “the GOP’s Go-To Guy

31 Jul 2014

Reply to “Should Israel Teach the Holocaust Less?”

David Swanson asks: “Should Israel Teach the Holocaust Less?” The Nazi holocaust is a key historical event that demands to be taught to future generations. The problem is that it is usually taught in Israel and the West, more generally, in a very distorted manner as non-debatable dogma to support

31 Jul 2014

“The disregard of Judaism as it really is …”

Below is a reply to Margo Schulter’s most recent comment on “JVP Misses the Mark in Seattle“. I had planned to just leave what follows as another comment but it grew into something long enough to warrant its own post. In light of the ongoing bloodletting in Palestine, I am

28 Jul 2014

JVP Misses the Mark in Seattle

Earlier today, at a Boeing plant south of Seattle, members of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) blocked an entrance into the facility in protest of  the Israeli attacks on Gaza and the sale of weapons made by Boeing to Israel. Boeing is certainly a worthy target of such protests but