26 Mar 2010

Making the Unemployed WORK for their Unemployment Checks

I don’t know how well this would work, but hey, it sounded good.

08 Mar 2010

Another Crappy Obama Administration Monday

Nothing to pay attention to over here folks–move along….

25 Feb 2010

Would Dr. Dean organize a 50 State Strategy for a Primary Candidate to run against Obama?

A lot of Progressives, I think, feel the same way about having to deal with the Obama Administration for another 3 years. It sort of feels like 3 miles of bad road. But, to have to deal with this administration for ANOTHER 7 years?? If we don’t get organized now folks, we may be kicking ourselves later.

25 Feb 2010

A Weak President Continues his Slide Backwards on Mainstreet/Middleclass, While Geithner Moves Forward with More Leeway For “Private” Regulators.

People have been calling for Geithner’s resignation, and there is good reason. However, what is worse is a weak President who is idle on replacing him, but moves just enough so that he can procede BACKWARDS on protecting main street and the consumer.

22 Feb 2010

Obama’s Health Care Reform exposes him as the sellout he really is

Obama came out with his version of Health Care Reform today.

10 Feb 2010

Obama needs a 2012 Primary challenger, any suggestions?

In order for the Democratic establishment not to misread the tealeaves further, a primary candidate challenging Obama in 2012, to the left of Obama policies, would definately signal to the establishiment that a more left leaning candidate is what the American people want.

21 Dec 2009

some great blog posts to read

a couple of really good blog posts by Ralph Nader over at Commondreams.org and Earnest A. Canning over at bradblog.com