02 Dec 2013

Join Us for Albert Woodfox’s Fifth Circuit Court Hearing in New Orleans Jan 7th

Please sign the Amnesty International petition demanding Albert’s release! Over the holiday, we learned that 2014 will begin with the final courtroom chapter of Albert Woodfox’s current struggle to finalize Judge Brady’s 2013 ruling which overturned his conviction for a third time based on a finding of racial discrimination in

25 Nov 2013

VIDEO: Azadeh Zohrabi on CA Hunger Strikers, Solitary Confinement, and Herman Wallace

Azadeh Zohrabi spoke in San Francisco on November 8, 2013, at an event alongside Robert H. King of the Angola 3, who was released in 2001 after 29 years in continuous solitary confinement. We will be releasing more video footage soon, of both King and Zohrabi during the Q and

13 Nov 2013

Reports from Wednesday’s hearing for Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3, to end strip searches

As you may remember, Albert’s first hearing seeking to bring an end to the inhumane, abusive, and illegal routine strip searches he is subjected to daily was postponed.  Now, after months of legal wrangling, Albert’s hearing happened today, November 13th, in Court before Judge Brady in the Louisiana Middle District

06 Nov 2013

Angola 3 Coalition: Winning in the Court of Public Opinion (w/ info on Nov. 8, SF Robert King event, Albert Woodfox’s Nov 13 hearing and more)

View all the photos here.   As the week of Herman’s release, reindictment and death clearly illustrated, the most important battle IS in the court of public opinion. We resonated with the words of Michelle Alexander, author of the New Jim Crow in response to the Federal Courts reversal of

28 Oct 2013

Action Alert: Demand an end to Arthur “Cetewayo” Johnson’s 34 years in solitary confinement

Below is full text (reprinted with permission, and at the request of the authors) of an action alert issued by the newly formed Abolitionist Law Center in Pennsylvania. Please help by taking action and by spreading the word to other like-minded human rights activists. ———————————— Call and write PA DOC

15 Oct 2013

Sign Amnesty Intl Petition to Release Albert Woodfox Immediately; To be hand delivered at Louisiana State Capitol on Oct. 21

Please sign the Amnesty International petition to release Albert Woodfox here!  Amnesty International has launched a new campaign demanding Albert Woodfox’s immediate release from prison (featured below), declaring that “Herman died a free man. Let’s help Albert live as one.” Indeed, it is now its up to us to continue

13 Oct 2013

We Speak Your Name: Photos and report from Herman Wallace’s Memorial Service

HONORING HERMAN:  Tribute made to by US Congressmen Conyers, Richmond, and Scott  II  Mural and Banner in North Carolina  II  Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Message for Herman’s Memorial   (A3 Coalition Newsletter, Oct. 13, 2013) Yesterday, Herman Wallace was laid to rest after a memorial service befitting his liberation roots.  New Orleans

12 Oct 2013

Tribute to Herman Wallace made for the US Congressional Record

Herman Wallace’s sister, Victory Wallace, recently was sent this letter and a copy of the Angola 3 entry in the Congressional Record from Congressman John Conyers, Robert C. Scott, and Cedric L. Richmond. Featured are scans of the letter and entry, as well as a transcription of those documents. “Because

10 Oct 2013

TAKE ACTION: Citing Herman Wallace, Amnesty Intl. calls for Albert Woodfox’s release

Please take action for Albert Woodfox here!   RELATED:  UN statement on Albert Woodfox   (PHOTO: Herman Wallace after his release.)   Today, Amnesty International kicked off a new campaign in support of Albert Woodfox. The email action alert and a separate press release are both reprinted below, in full:

04 Oct 2013

Herman Wallace, The “Muhammad Ali of the Criminal Justice System,” Passes On

This morning we lost without a doubt the biggest, bravest, and brashest personality in the political prisoner world. It is with great sadness that we write with the news of Herman Wallace’s passing. He never did anything half way. He embraced his many quests and adventures in life with a tenacious gusto and fearless