26 Jul 2014

Panthers in the Hole: French Angola 3 Book Illustrates US Prison Crisis –An interview with Nicolas Krameyer of Amnesty International France

Panthers in the Hole: French Angola 3 Book Illustrates US Prison Crisis –An interview with Nicolas Krameyer of Amnesty International France By Angola 3 News Amnesty International France and La Boîte à Bulles have published a 128-page French language graphic novel entitled Panthers in the Hole. The book’s co-authors David

29 Apr 2014

Albert Woodfox Speaks About 42 Years of Solitary Confinement

The essay featured below, Albert Woodfox Speaks to the Experts, from the Why Am I Not Surprised? blog is reprinted in full with permission of the author.  Now 42 years since Albert was first put in solitary, Amnesty International has renewed its call for Albert’s immediate release (view Amnesty’s recent

02 Apr 2014

Hard Time: Black Panther Robert H. King’s Life of Resistance

Razor Wire, Prison Cells, and Black Panther Robert H. King’s Life of Resistance –An interview with filmmaker Ron Harpelle A new 40-minute documentary film by Canadian History Professor Ron Harpelle, entitled Hard Time, focuses on the life of Robert Hillary King, who spent 29 years in continuous solitary confinement until

27 Feb 2014

One Year Later: Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3 is still not convicted or released

One year ago today, supporters of Albert Woodfox were elated when Judge Brady’s ruling on Albert’s criminal case was announced.  It was a THIRD overturning of his conviction! How can it be possible that an innocent man, who now stands unconvicted in the eyes of the law, remains locked in

04 Feb 2014

Angola 3: Legal Update, Upcoming Events with Robert King, and Feb. 15 Vigil

  As we begin this month, we’ve learned the civil case jointly filed by Robert King, Herman Wallace, and Albert Woodfox has been frozen as the State once again appeals a federal decision not in their favor, and we all still anxiously word as to whether Albert’s conviction will be

12 Jan 2014

A Moral Outrage: An interview with Rev. Dr. Patricia Bates

Albert Woodfox’s 41 Years in Solitary Confinement, Despite Three Overturned Convictions  This past Fall, Herman Wallace of the Angola 3 made news headlines around the world when his conviction was overturned and he was dramatically released from prison after 41 years in solitary confinement. At the time of his release

08 Jan 2014

Albert Woodfox’s Hour in the 5th: A reportback on the Jan. 7 oral arguments

MEDIA:  Lauren McGaughy, Times-Picayune  II  Daily Journal / Associated Press  II  UPI VIEW / DOWNLOAD:  A3 info flyer for Jan. 7  II  Listen to audio from the oral arguments  II  Rev. Patricia Bates / NRCAT statement For those who were unable to attend, Albert’s oral argument in the 5th Circuit

06 Jan 2014

On the eve of Albert Woodfox’s 5th Circuit oral arguments, Amnesty International demands his release

Featured below are statements released today by both Amnesty USA and Amnesty International’s Media Centre, on the eve of Albert Woodfox’s oral arguments before the Fifth Circuit Court in New Orleans on Tuesday, January 7. If you have not yet done so, please join Amnesty International and sign the petition

03 Jan 2014

Amnesty International says: Drop the vengeance! Free Albert Woodfox! (oral arguments on Tuesday, Jan. 7)

Featured below is the full text of an action alert for Albert Woodfox, released today by Amnesty International, timed to build public pressure in the days leading up to Albert’s oral arguments in New Orleans on Tuesday, January 7. (PHOTO: Artwork displayed at Herman Wallace’s memorial service. See more photos

16 Dec 2013

January NYC screening of ‘Hard Time,’ new film about Robert King of Angola 3

(Above is a video of an A3 event with Robert King last year) The new Canadian film about Robert H. King of the Angola 3, Hard Time, will be shown by New Filmmakers New York at 6pm on Wednesday, January 15, The screening will be held at 32 Second Avenue