05 Apr 2011

US Congressional Briefing on Angola 3 and Solitary Confinement

Today, the Guardian UK wrote about Wednesday’s Congressional Briefing entitled “The Abuses of Solitary Confinement in the Criminal Justice System,” featuring Robert King (of the Angola 3), Congressmen John Conyers, Bobby Scott, Cedric Richmond, and more.

11 Mar 2011

What Latin American social movements can teach US activists

Video-interviewed by Angola 3 News this week while touring the SF Bay Area with his new book Dancing With Dynamite (AK Press), author Benjamin Dangl argues that “because South American social movements have been so successful in the past decade, I think it is important to learn and understand what’s been successful and to apply those strategies and tactics here, where we are facing very similar challenges.”

06 Mar 2011

War, Prisons, and Torture in the US & UK –An interview with Richard Haley

We launched “Stop Isolation” because the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is considering the appeals of four British citizens–Babar Ahmad, Syed Tahla Ahsan, Haroon Rashid Aswat, and Abu Hamza–against extradition to the US to face terrorism charges. The court’s long-delayed judgment is expected in the next few months. It will be a landmark in the development of human rights law.

27 Feb 2011

VIDEO: Dylcia and Cisco on Panthers and Independistas –SF8 Hearing on March 2

This new episode of Freedom is a Constant Struggle (filmed by Angola 3 News) features Dylcia Pagan and Cisco Torres. Dylcia is a Puerto Rican freedom fighter, Independista, and former political prisoner. Cisco is the last member of the SF8 facing charges. He has an evidentiary hearing on March 2, 2011, and there is an 8 AM rally prior to the hearing, where supporters are urged to attend.

03 Feb 2011

VIDEO: Richard Brown on Anti-war Grand Jury Resisters

In this video, Richard Brown, of the San Francisco Eight, speaks at a protest outside the US Federal Court Building in San Francisco on January 25, 2011. Brown urges the public to support the 23 anti-war activists that were subpoenaed to testify before a Grand Jury that day.

03 Jan 2011

Lucasville Five Hunger Strike Begins –An interview with author Staughton Lynd

The Lucasville Five are now back in the news with an announcement last week that four of the five will be participating in a simultaneous “rolling hunger strike,” beginning today, January 3. They are using the hunger strike to protest their convictions (having always maintained their innocence) as well as their living situation, which is more restrictive than for most prisoners on Ohio’s death row.

29 Dec 2010

Kiilu Nyasha Reviews the New Film “In The Land of the Free…”

The Case of the Angola 3 –A review of the new film “In The Land of the Free…” Produced by Vadim Jean, in memory of Anita Roddick Film review written by Kiilu Nyasha (Reprinted with permission of author) “They will never be able to break me,” said Herman Wallace, despite

27 Dec 2010

Resisting Gender Violence and the Prison Industrial Complex – An Interview with Victoria Law

Arrest/imprisonment does not reduce, let alone prevent, violence. Building structures and networks to address the lack of options and resources available to women is more effective. Challenging patriarchy and male supremacy is a much more effective solution (although not one that funders and the state want to see).

26 Dec 2010

Bradley Manning and GI Resistance to US War Crimes –An interview with Dahr Jamail

When someone becomes a soldier, they swear an oath to support and defend the US constitution by following “lawful” orders. Thus, they are legally obliged by their own oath to not follow unlawful orders. What Bradley Manning did by leaking this critical information has been to uphold his oath as a soldier in the most patriotic way. Now, compare that with how he has been raked over the coals by most of the mainstream media.