30 Jan 2011

What Filibuster Reform?

I received this email from Senator Udall concerning his filibuster reform effort. Here is my reply.

25 Jan 2011

March On Quantico In Support of Bradley Manning (Part 2)

After Posting part one yesterday, I was contacted by the head of the Washington Metro Area Chapter of the Bradley Manning Support Network. This group is planning activity in the D.C. area in support of Pfc. Manning. The WMACBMS has shown a great interest in planning a “March in March” on the gates of Quantico. We are hoping to have 1000+ demonstrators and the support of the FDL community can be a huge part of it’s success

24 Jan 2011

March On Quantico In Support of Bradley Manning

After reading the account of Jane and David House being detained at Quantico, it seems to me that the only way we can draw national attention to Bradley Manning’s plight is to have two or three thousand people show up on a Saturday to visit him.

11 Jan 2011

Why Take the Chance: How Violent Rhetoric May Endanger All Federal Workers

…if LEADERSHIP condones the vitriol by investing in it, the led will perceive it as just.

10 Dec 2010

The “Obama Compromise”: Tax Hike for 82.6 Million Working Poor

This is nothing short of all out class warfare. This is a direct assault on the working poor in America, 40% of all wage earners

01 Dec 2010

This is Taking Money Away From Working Class Families to “Make a Point”

Federal employees are more than simply a line item on a spread sheet. I think most Americans feel that the federal work force is an extra expense that is nothing more than a slush fund for political hacks and personal favors. The vast majority of federal employees are people that were looking for a job when they found this one.

24 Nov 2010

Here is Something for the Debt Commission to “Chew On”.

Here is something for the Debt Commission to “chew on”. Let’s go ahead and extend the Bush tax cuts to wage earners up to one million dollars but also expand the  FICA to wages up to one million dollars as well. It seems to me that if we are treating

09 Nov 2010

Ending the Filibuster: Dems Best Hope of Survival

If Democrats expect to retain any ability to govern for the next two years, and have any illusion of retaining the White House in 2012, the first order of business for the new Senate in 2011 has to be the elimination of the filibuster, a vote that can not be

04 Nov 2010

End the Filibuster Campaign (Part 1)

…That is unless Obama proves beyond the current suspicion that he is indeed a “Manchurian Conservative”…

If nothing else, Tea Partier’s are serious about what they think they know.

We only have between now and the end of the year to push for this major constitutional reform of the Senate.

16 Sep 2010

Can’t We “Tea Party” the Democratic Party?

Can’t we “Tea Party” the Dem Party? Is it that we consider ourselves intellectually (or in some other way) superior to the Teabaggers so it is beneath us to stoop to their level in order to take back our party.