27 Oct 2011

Ex-Cop Says I Should Be Shot for My Opinions

“You should be shot!” That’s what he yelled out as he drove away on his motorcycle. “He” is an acquaintance of mine from work who is a retired City of Pittsburgh police officer. He is such a rabid “hater” and racist that I posted my concerns on facebook before I went

20 Oct 2011

It Will Be Obama vs Gingrich In 2012

I just want to go on record with my prediction for the 2012 POTUS election. It will be Obama vs Gingrich. I even have reasons for thinking this. There is all the talk of will the GOP base hold there nose and vote for Romney. No way they elect a

16 Oct 2011

AP Coins Next Great Fear Mongering Catch Phrase

I try to keep an eye out for the next fear mongering catch phrase that the neoliberalcon media will use to raise fear and hatred at the behest of the MOTU. I found this one in an online AP story, “vicious Mexican narco-terror group Los Zetas“. Arbabsiar is a 56-year-old naturalized

15 Oct 2011

Wealthy Who Support the 99% Express a Common Sentiment

I followed a link from one of DDay’s posts and found this web site,”We Are the One Percent; We Stand With the 99% “. There is one consistent theme running through their pictures and writings. That theme is always having available health care. Health care is still my number one issue

06 Oct 2011

“F” Steve Jobs

F–k Steve Jobs. He was just another of the 1% who made tons of money off the labor of others, and when that wasn’t enough, he outsourced their jobs so he could make even more money. Just another capitalist who found his niche in the world of rampant consumerism that

06 Oct 2011

Help Save Postal Worker’s Jobs

I have the pleasure of knowing several USPS Postal Carriers. They are nice people with families to feed, and college tuition for their kids as well as making their car and mortgage payments on a home that is most likely worth 20% less than it was in 2007. You know,

05 Oct 2011

#OccupyPittsburgh: General Assembly Meeting Today

I just wanted to put the word out that the first meeting of the General Assembly for #OccupyPittsburgh will be happening tonight at 6:30pm at the First Unitarian Church in Shadyside. Information and directions can be found at my web site or at http://occupypittsburgh.org/. Organizers are expecting more than 1000

04 Oct 2011

The Real Reason Chris Christie Is Not Running

I find it interesting that so many in the liberal/progressive blogosphere maintain the desire to believe there is a difference between the two major political parties. If the actions of the 110th, 111th, 112th Congresses and Obama’s first three years haven’t proved beyond a reasonable doubt that politicians are all

15 Sep 2011

The Federal Gov’t Already Has a Jobs Program

It’s called the military. It is where so many low income and out of work Americans go to get a job. The extreme nationalists can stick all of the diatribe about honor and service to country. It’s a jobs program.  I just can’t discern the difference between people who would be

10 Sep 2011

How To Use Corporate Personhood Against Them

The Citizen’s United ruling is one of, if not the most, disastrous ruling handed down in the history of the Supreme Court. Corporate person-hood, the equivocation of money and speech and how these dogmas have created the codified selling of the government to the biggest contributors will, if unchecked, be the downfall of our