14 Mar 2012

Anti-Occupy Bill (H.R. 347) Unanimously Passed and Signed By POTUS

In their zeal to dismantle the Constitution, this Bill (H.R. 347) passed the House 388-3, the Senate unanimously, and was signed into law by POTUS and Constitutional lawyer Obama on March 7th. This is a direct assault on freedom of assembly. This bill essentially makes it a crime to not

25 Feb 2012

The ‘Fair’est Tax Plan of Them All

There has been some discussion of taxes here in My FDL so I thought I would throw my two cents worth into the fray.  This is the best taxation plan I have ever seen known as an “Automated Payment Transaction” Tax.  The concept for this transaction tax was developed by

21 Feb 2012

Slain Soldier’s Father Protests NJ Flag-lowering

I have been obnoxiously persistent in my disgust for the absurd amount of attention that the death of Whitney Houston has garnered. However, lowering state flags in reverence to a crack whore who has abandoned her family and treated her fans like total shit by refusing to get the help

07 Feb 2012

Freedom of Religion vs. Freedom from Religion

The recent Supreme Court decision in Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. E.E.O.C. once again has me wondering if the Court is anything more than a tool of the Christian Right. The unanimous ruling essentially gives religious organizations and churches the unrestrained right to indiscriminately fire and discriminate against

02 Feb 2012

Santorum Running the Best Campaign for VP Ever

I propose there would be no disagreement with the statement that the ‘Frothy One’  has no chance of winning the GOP nomination for POTUS. Even the Paulbots couldn’t fancify a scenario in which Santorum could win, even though he continues to receive more votes than the good doctor. Ricky doesn’t have the

02 Jan 2012

The Real Ron Paul: In His Own Words

I must apologize for the length of this post but the support for Ron Paul that is being expressed by some members of the community just blows me away. I sympathize with the anti-Obama sentiment and am anxiously awaiting my chance to not vote for him again. I agree with writers

01 Jan 2012

Preaching to the Choir Gets Us Nowhere.

Preaching to the choir gets us nowhere. It’s time to stop singing and start doing. I propose a new word to be added to the reform dialogue. Actionist: One who takes discernible actions that produce perceived needed political or social changes? Activists make plans to get their complaints heard, Actionists

31 Dec 2011

Regulation Is the Tool That Democracy Uses To Allow Capitalism to Exist Within a Democratic Society

Democracy and capitalism are in direct opposition to each other philosophically. Democracy will, by majority rule, create a government that works for the majority. Capitalism, left to its own devices creates financial serfdom. Regulation is the tool that democracy uses to allow capitalism to exist within a democratic society. When

19 Dec 2011

Panetta Declares Iraq War “Worth the Cost”

Glenn Greenwald has another spot on commentary on Defense Secretary Panetta’s comments following his recent appearance in Iraq last week. Here are some highlights from G.G’s post this morning. First Panetta… “There is no question that the United States was divided going into that war,” he said. “But I think

13 Dec 2011

A Third Party Candidate for POTUS is the Last Thing We Should Concern Ourselves With in 2012

As 2012 is a Presidential election year, the conversations of the disaffected on both the left and the right turns towards a viable third party candidate for POTUS. Although this is a wonderful thought since we all got burned so badly by Obummer, it is putting the cart in front