12 Oct 2013

My Email to My Congressperson Tim Murphy (PA-18th)

I really felt like sharing today so here is the email I sent to my Congressperson. Mr. Murphy, I am contacting you to ask for your help in paying my mortgage, my car payment, my phone and utilities. My wife is a Federal employee and her income is currently our

14 Jun 2013

Iranian Democracy; No Different Than Ours

As today is election day in Iran, the national MSM has nothing but disparaging words for the Iranian process. Reporters and pundits go to great lengths to make the Iranian elections seem less than legitimate because the Religious Supreme Council must approve all candidates before they can appear on the

12 Jun 2013

Ed Snowden Drives Our Democracy to the Hospital.

Imagine this scenario… A friend and I are walking down a city street. A random gunman indiscriminately shoots my friend. I know that this friend of mine carries a hand gun. I grab his gun and shoot the perpetrator dead. I then help my friend to our car and rush

08 Feb 2013

Obama Admin. Goes “Ocean’s ’13” on Senate Intelligence Committee

Did anyone else notice the beautiful play the Obama Admin. pulled on the Senate Intelligence Committee? It was one of the most beautiful political cons I can remember ever witnessing. Releasing the OLC determinations to the Committee just prior to the Brennan hearing completely neutered the Committee’s ability ask any

02 Feb 2013

Mental Health and the Gun Violence Debate

Every time I hear a gun control advocate talk about mandatory background checks for criminal record and mental illness, I want to scream and throw stuff at the TV. Being proven guilty of a violent crime should land you on a list of people who can not purchase or own

11 Nov 2012

OWS Lost Its Mojo When the Word “Occupy” Became a Noun

The word “occupy” is a transitive verb. It is never a noun. If one is not actively doing something, one can’t occupy it. Conversely, and maybe more importantly, thinking about occupying something is an act of thinking not an act of occupying. This came to me after reading this nice

06 Nov 2012

A New Strategy for the 2016 Presidential Election (Updated)

Now that the quadrennial dog and pony show is behind us, I have been reflecting on the failure of every attempt to revive the voice of the citizens in post Citizens United America. The dismal turnout numbers that “More Money = More Free Speech” helps facilitate is purely understandable. I

14 Sep 2012

Free Speech TV

I recently had the pleasure of firing Comcast in my home. No more cable TV or cable internet. As a result, I subscribed to Direct TV. While channel surfing I came across the listing for channel 348 (Dish Network 9415) showing “Democracy Now”. The channel is listed as Free Speech

07 Sep 2012

Alone On a Deserted Island

Everyone, at times, gets the feeling that they are alone in the world. I, however, am feeling especially alone professionally, socially, and politically. I am an independent, progressive, atheist small business owner. As I continue to age, (I’m 48) I watch as so many of my friends and family have

12 Apr 2012

Again, Why Are We Spending $Millions On Homeland Security?

There is a story out of Pittsburgh that hasn’t made much of a splash nationally. I mean, Whitney is still dead and one of the Kardashian sisters woke up breathing today. But I digress. Since February 13 there have been nearly 70 bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh causing almost