08 Mar 2008

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Dr. Susan Wicklund

(Please welcome in the comments Dr. Susan Wicklund, author of This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor — jh)

I consider this book a must-read for anyone who considers him or herself pro-choice. Well, and for anyone who considers himself “pro-life”—maybe it would help you wake up if you realized that the people you’re oppressing are actual human beings. In all the hubbub about abortion rights, what all too often gets lost are the stories of women and of doctors who serve them, which makes it that much easier for the anti-choice movement to dehumanize women and doctors and chip away at abortion rights. Dr. Wicklund corrects this problem, telling her own inspiring story about a single mother who put herself through medical school and then spent her career in what might be the most thankless branch of medicine. It’s a powerful argument for a life well spent doing good; through even her worst times, you get the impression that Dr. Wicklund has a strong center that comes to her from a life spent doing right.

05 Dec 2006


Gawd NARAL is awful. Adios. See ya. Good riddance. This is an unforgivable move by Keenan — way beyond the Lieberman move which was indeed despicable. But bolstering the right wing strategy of fetal pain of all things is so beyond the pale I can hardly believe Keenan can look