26 Feb 2015

The New American Century of War

I came across this video of an interview Leon “the Tool” Panetta gave to USA Today back in October 2014 where he stated that the war against CIA-ISIS will be a “thirty year war”. “Americans should be braced for a long battle against the brutal terrorist group Islamic State that

22 Feb 2015

The Terrorist Label, Caveat Emptor

I’ve been a strong opponent of the Global War OF Terror that is being waged by the United States of Imperialism since the false flag attack on 9/11/01. I believe the War OF Terror is based on a giant lie and treasonous crime (9/11) and it is being used as

29 Jan 2015

“Just Like Witches at Black Masses”

“Generals gathered in their masses Just like witches at black masses Evil minds that plot destruction Sorcerer of death’s construction” War Pigs – Black Sabbath The Pentagon and our elected “representatives” worked together in a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting to lay the propaganda groundwork for continuing the U.S. military empire

11 Dec 2014

Thoughts on the Torture Report and the Reaction

“A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”  Joseph Stalin (attributed) I’m bothered by the narrative and reactions to the report. Torture is an action being labeled illegal and immoral, rightly so, and people are calling for justice while the illegality and immorality of the entire

08 Dec 2014

Next Level in the Video Game – War Machines Are Disgusting

How does something inspirational turn disgusting? I was watching some NFL football this weekend and during one game the broadcast cut to pictures of a museum Battleship, I think it was the New Jersey. It was an evening view with lights flooding the big ship from all angles. A very

05 Dec 2014

At the Mountaintop, the Evolution of Democracy in the United States

This is how democracy works. This country has a national election where 36% of the people vote for One Percenters aligned with the Democratic and Republican political parties to “represent” them. Overall the vote is split roughly down the middle with both parties getting about half of the votes. So

16 Nov 2014

Just Don’t Call It Democracy

What do we want, what are our demands? That’s been a question many have raised, and answered, particularly since the Occupy movement in 2011. Many complained about Occupy at the time because it seemingly did not have any demands. The focus was on Wall Street and the 99/1% theme and

01 Nov 2014

Terror in Our Streets

I’ve been outspoken against the Global War OF Terror (GWOT) since it began directly after 9/11. I saw it for what it was, a “New Pearl Harbor” that enabled the neocons to implement their plan for a “New American Century”. Regardless the veracity of the GWOT, the emphasis on it

13 Oct 2014

Is Opposing War Without Understanding the Truth in Vain, or Worse?

“To oppose war without seeing through the deceptions is to act in vain. I have visited many websites that attempt to offer alternatives to the mainstream media, but I have been disappointed repeatedly by their inability or refusal to challenge these myths and deceptions.” Graeme MacQueen The author of that

06 Oct 2014

War Criminal Panetta Says ISIL War to Last THIRTY YEARS, Global War OF Terror for Fifty Years!

War Criminal Leon Panetta, the former DOD and CIA Director under War Criminal Obama, has come out and said what all the war criminals are thinking. The war on ISIL will last at least 30 years.  In other words, U.S. imperialism will continue for decades unless the feckless American people stop