12 Jul 2009

Ensign’s C Street House Owned by Christian Group

Christian group touting plans for Christian world control.

12 Jul 2009

Paleontologists Dismayed by Creation Museum

Creationism has seen big gains in the State of Texas school cirriculum in recent months aided by the help of a widespread radical Christian Fundamentalist mind-set.

10 Jul 2009

Study of Fellow Primates Stirs Health Hope for Humans

“Monkeys on low-calorie diets found to live longer.”
Monkey see monkey do–check it out–it could be for you.

03 Jul 2009

Californians Are Sinking Themselves

A stubborn right wing is allowing California to be smothered in debt.

03 Jul 2009

The Age of Paine

Paine’s The Age of Reason and Rights of Man. The Age of Reason is such a powerful book. A complete rebute of Christianity and sectional breakdown of the Bible itself.

01 Jul 2009

Blue Dog Congressman Travis Childers Energy Vote Statement–Open Thread

Mississippi Blue Dog Democrat has no loyalty to the majority Democratic Party Agenda.The loyalty he claims to have for working class people is likewise invalid.

01 Jul 2009

Nuclear Power the Trojan Horse of the Energy Debate Advocated by Four Republican Senators

Would you not have thought that four U.S. Republican Senators, one from my home State of Mississippi, would have absorbed a few facts relating to nuclear power generation that surfaced in the McCain – Obama nuclear power debate of 2008? Well, apparently not, for they are advocating a need for building 100 more nuclear power plants without any resolution of the current
risks involved which are on the darkest side of clean energy.