13 Sep 2014

What do you call supporters of a government that uses women & children as human shields?

There is an interesting correlation between supporters of a government that promotes the death of innocent women and children as human shields, and blaming America, Capitalism and Western Values for most problems in the world today. After years of denying that women and children were used as mere fodder, there

08 Sep 2014

Some hand-outs are not enough for the Palestinian leadership

It is widely understood that the Palestinians do use their woman and children as human shields, fighting a war purposefully from schools, Mosques and public areas.  Hamas executes those it “accuses” of wrong doing by grabbing them, dragging them to the street and executing them–just like ISIS. The argument that

03 Sep 2014

Hamas deserves your support?

Hamas, the freely democratically elected leaders of the Palestinian people in Gaza. I have seen many argue here that Hamas is justified in launching weapons from among civilians.  Others deny they used Mosques, schools and other public places to wage war.  Some even justify they are entitled to wage war

31 Aug 2014

Keep your money coming people, you are helping the needy in Gaza! Wink, wink.

Note:  this post won’t limit itself to just blaming Jews and America.  Please move on to that insightful post quoting the Daily Socialist(?) that someone who had a cat that overheard from his barber that his cousin heard the Western and American backed regime blew up the Malaysian airliner. Being

24 Aug 2014

Hamas uses civilian deaths as propoganda

There is a great divide between proof Islamists sacrifice their women and children, and those willing to believe it as they prefer to focus on blaming Jews and Israel at every opportunity.  Although the evidence of Islamist behavior is overwhelming, many prefer to blame the sticks growing that block their