After Legalization: The Future of Marijuana Policy

After Legalization: The Future of Marijuana Policy

After Legalization: The Future of Marijuana Policy

A new book by Jon Walker

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GLENN GREENWALD, JOURNALIST: Jon Walker has established himself as one of the most diligent, insightful and important young policy writers in America, and this new book cements that status. America is finally coming to terms with the stark irrationality and destructiveness of its criminal prohibitions on marijuana, rendering legalization inevitable. Walker’s hard-earned expertise is vital for understanding how this process can be accelerated and most effectively implemented. It’s a must-read for anyone with even a passing interest in drug policy and reform.

RYAN GRIM, HUFFINGTON POST DC BUREAU CHIEF: The history of American drug policy shows that it does not move in one direction only. At the turn of the century, drugs were legal before being prohibited, followed by liberalization in the ’70s, followed by the crackdown of the next several decades. Gains made today could be wiped out tomorrow, which is what gives Jon Walker’s remarkable book its unique importance .This is the clear-eyed look around the corner that is urgently needed.

After Legalization is a groundbreaking new book examining how legal marijuana will likely be treated in the United States 20 years from now.

When it comes to marijuana in the United States, it is no longer a question of when, but how it will be legalized.

After Legalization: The Future of Marijuana Policy is a creative exploration of one likely future for legal marijuana that will give readers a sense of the coming battles, relevant players and political dynamics which will dominate the issue in the coming years.

58% of Americans support ending marijuana prohibition, and Colorado and Washington State have already passed historic ballot initiatives to tax and regulate pot. It is undeniable that the United States will eventually legalize marijuana.

But how will it happen, and what will America look like after legalization? What should be the age limit? Will we tightly restrict its sale to only a few specialty stores, or will it be allowed on the shelves at every shopping market in the country? Should we give individuals free rein to grow as much as they want, or will we limit production to a few licensed farms?

If you care about the answers to these and other questions on the future of marijuana policy, this is a pivotal moment. I hope this book will help people identify the myriad challenges that lay before us, understand what critical decisions will be made in the next few years, and how these choices will shape our culture for decades to come.

— Jon Walker
Senior Policy Analyst,
Firedoglake / Just Say Now

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Chapter 6: Where Can You Smoke?

About the author

Jon Walker has been reporting and advocating for marijuana legalization at Firedoglake with the Just Say Now campaign for the past three years. During that time, he has been steadily researching and writing this book.