Man, two years leaving this field blank. Huh.

So, hi. I’m Spencer Ackerman, the national security correspondent for the Washington Independent a senior reporter for’s Danger Room blog. Welcome to Attackerman, the place I put stuff that’s either
a) too wonky for my day job
b) too vulgar for my day job
c) too backstory-y or otherwise self-indulgent for my day job
d) too speculative, opinionated or otherwise down-the-rabbit hole for my day job
e) too off-my-beat for my day job.

I’m from Brooklyn, back when it was good and before you people ruined it, and I’ve lived in Washington for eight years, reporting on national security, going to war zones and trying to figure out grand strategy. As you’ll see, I take these subjects and journalism in general very seriously and don’t really like people or writing that takes the accoutrements of those things at all seriously. Remember how Company Flow had that ad for Funcrusher that said “Fuck The Bullshit”? That’s what you’ll get here.  You’ll see a lot of indulgence of my interests here, like Marvel comics and 90s hardcore and hip-hop and tattoos and such, interspersed in with my coverage. So stop by and let’s argue and let’s agree and have a good time where kids can hang out and do whatever.

How to contact me: try spencerackerman-at-gmail-dot-com. I’m @attackerman on Twitter. I’m currently down on every other form of social media, including Facebook and especially LinkedIn.

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