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The Seminal is a community site. Anyone can participate.

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The Seminal was founded by Alex Thurston, Lance Steagall, Jason Rosenbaum, and Vassar Oenbring. Your friendly daily editors are Lance Steagall, Bill Egnor, Jim Moss, Ruth Calvo, and Rayne.

DISCLAIMER: The Seminal provides diaries, comment threads and other community-oriented social media features that enable registered users to communicate with others. Participation in The Seminal’s social media is voluntary; users choose what they post. Discretion in posting information is recommended. Information users do not want to make public should not be posted in diaries or comments.

Content posted by community members in The Seminal’s diaries and comments should be viewed for informational purposes only, and not as a substitute for professional legal or financial advice.

The Seminal does not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any questions, answers or other information posted in diaries or comments; all diaries and comments made by community members should be used at community members’ own risk. The Seminal’s editors and moderators reserve the right to take down any diary or comment (in part or in its entirety) and ban users at their discretion; please refer to the site’s rules below.

Diaries and comments expressed by each of The Seminal’s community members are the opinions of the individual community member author and do not reflect the opinions of The Seminal or Firedoglake and its affiliate sites.


I just posted a diary and I don’t see it in the latest diary section – should I repost?

No, sometimes it takes as long as a minute for diaries to appear.

How do I get an account?

In the “Tool Box” section of the right column click the “Register” button. Fill out the form completely.

How do I post a diary?

Once you are logged in hit the “Post a diary” link in the “Tool Box” section.

Why isn’t my video/image working?

Allowed Embed Sites:,,,,,,,,

Allowed Image Hosts:,,,,

Please include only one or two images/videos per diary.

How many diaries can I post a day?

We don’t have a hard limit for diaries yet. However if you begin spamming the diary section, we will take them down.

Why isn’t my diary appearing in the recommended box?

Our users choose diaries that appear in the recommend box by clicking the recommend button. We will not reveal the exact methodology to prevent the system from being gamed.

How do I post a comment?

Once you are logged in a comment box will appear at the end of a thread. If you want to reply to a comment click the “reply” link.

How do I put those cool quotes in my post?

When including a long quote you might see some text set off from the main body by large quotation marks. To create this effect, called a ‘blockquote’, you type

some text

to get

some text

How do I advertise on your site?

All the information you need it right here.

What are The Seminal’s rules?

  1. No hateful or defamatory writing. (This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, antidisestablishmentarianism, or any other ism)
  2. Do not use ALL CAPS or exclamation marks in titles. It is poor form and annoying
  3. Cross posting from your own blog is welcome.
  4. “Please Recommend” is not a diary title.
  5. Do not violate any copyright laws.
    • That means do not reprint articles in whole from other websites or news sources, unless you are the author.
    • If you are quoting an article, only use a maximum of two or three paragraphs.
    • At the moment please do not use AP sources AT ALL.
  6. We respect anonymity. Revealing the identity of someone who has chosen to remain anonymous is prohibited.
  7. Do not spam the diaries or the comments.
  8. No duplicate diaries. (Please check before you post)
  9. If you are posting a quote or fact, provide a link if possible.
  10. Refrain from calling out other site users, including commenters, in the diary title.
  11. Our moderators reserve the right to take down any post or ban any user.
  12. Please do not create diaries to complain about the moderators. If you have a complaint, make it inside an open thread/watercooler post or email The Seminal’s editor.

Copyright Information

All users who post on this site retain copyrights to their work. By posting on The Seminal you grant the operators of The Seminal a non-exclusive right to publish your content online on The Seminal, its archives, or its future formats in perpetuity unless otherwise negotiated or noted.