Work produced by Shadowproof is driven by the following goals and ideals, which guide us as we strive to produce journalism in the public interest:

To produce journalism, analysis, and commentary relentlessly focused on long-existing and pervasive injustices as well as inappropriate control exerted by institutions of power.

To develop a support structure to empower talented but struggling and out-of-work journalists.

To connect journalists, writers, and contributors with communities often marginalized and ignored by established media outlets to not only provide a platform but also transform such journalism into an explicit public service.

To encourage community participation by those at the grassroots level in the daily production of journalistic work with a recognition of the ways in which readers may enhance perspective and impact of stories.

To create community that goes beyond debilitating cynicism fueled by depravity and corruption in institutions to also celebrate positive acts of resistance and meaningful organizing for social and cultural transformation.

To demonstrate solidarity with journalists, writers, artists, and other members of the creative class, especially those under-privileged, who either dissent or stand up to power in defense of press freedom and freedom of expression, speech, thought, culture, and inquiry.