Photo: Autumn Sandeen January 16, 2010Autumn Sandeen is a transgender activist living in San Diego … with her wonderful kats Kitty Bon-Bon and Maggie — and her tattoo Freya.

She has previously written for the Ex-Gay Watch.

Autumn was born in Los Angeles as the son of a motion picture/television industry costume supervisor and a homemaker, and raised in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley. At fourteen a flashbulb seemed to go off in her head, and the reason she’d felt “off” for most of her childhood became clear: her body started to develop in a manner that didn’t match her female gender identity. Soon after she realized she was a transsexual, she convinced herself that she really wasn’t a girl with a boy’s body, telling herself instead she was a transvestite — then the term more widely used than crossdresser.

Mail AutumnLike many “late transitioning” (midlife transitioning) transsexuals, she gravitated to a “testosterone driven” career; Autumn Sandeen: 'Coffeegirl!'she served in the U.S. Navy from 1980 to 2000 as a Fire Controlman, retiring as a First Class Petty Officer. In the Navy she traveled the northern hemisphere, and was assigned during her career to bases in Great Lakes, Illinois; Long Beach, California; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Staten Island, New York; and San Diego.Fire Controlman First Class Petty Officer Autumn Sandeen (Retired)

She has a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell story that’s presented in “internet ink” on the HRC’s website, and in video format on DOD Fed Globe‘s website.

She’s currently retired from the military, and has a Veterans Administration (VA) Disability Rating of 100% – Service Connected. [The main, contributing factor for her VA disability rating is Bipolar II ½ (also referred to as cyclothymia), although she has physical disabilities involving her right wrist and her back.] So, to fill her days she writes, and does other activism work.

After retiring from the U.S. Navy and received her initial disability rating from the VA, she explored her gender dysphoria with counselors in San Diego’s VA Medical Center, and began transitioning as a male-to-female transsexual on February 6, 2003.

As a transgender activist, she’s has been on the steering committee of the Transgender Advocacy And Services Center (TASC) of San Diego, Autumn Sandeenhas been a member of the Transgender Equality Alliance (TEA) of California, and is an inactive amateur news archivist/moderator for transgendernews. She’s also a past secretary of the Transgender American Veteran’s Association (TAVA). She’s currently the Transgender Chair of DOD Fed Globe‘s Board of Directors, and is a provisional board member of GetEqual — both of which are unpaid, volunteer positions. (She’s speaking as a private individual here at Firedoglake‘s Pam’s House Blend, but for disclosure purposes Autumn wants her affiliations known.)

Autumn’s favorite coffee beverage is a doubleshot decaf Hammerhead, which is a cup of decaf joe mixed with two shots of decaf espresso. Cream? Sugar? No thank you — she takes her coffee “black and bitter as death” — but she skips the fully caffinated brews because these usually trigger bouts of bipolar hypomania.

Autumn is a barista on Firedoglake‘s Pam’s House Blend, which means she’s a new media reporter/blogger here at the virtual coffee house.

Autumn Sandeen in Audio and Visual Media:

* An oral telling my DADT story, embedded from the DOD Fed Globe webpages (I told my DADT story at DOD Fed Globe’s My Patriot Pride rally on November 14, 2009).

* Sirius XM host Michelangelo Signorile of Michelangelo Signorile interviews Autumn Sandeen (first audio) and Bil Browning (of Bilerico – second audio) on Ronal Gold’s Bilerico posting Was That Peter LaBarbera Or Ronald Gold Posting That Antitrans Sentiment On Bilerico?:

* Trans-Ponder Episode 125: Getting RADical:

* Lisa Bloom of TruTV In Session interviews Autumn Sandeen and Sirius XM host Michelangelo Signorile:

* Nuestra Voice (audio): Exclusive: Interview With Autumn Sandeen Over The Murder Case Of Transgender Woman, Angie Zapata

* Trans-Ponder Episode 118: Justice and Loss:

* BlogHer Interview:

* An interview snapshot of her transgender activism is part of the documentary Clocked: An Oral History:

Select image to view segment on the Clocked: An Oral History website.


Autumn Sandeen in print Media

* Frontiers IN L.A. Magazine: Transgender Blogger Covers Trial of Transgender Teen’s Murderer

Frontiers IN LA Magazine Cover - Volume 28 Issue 1

* Gayzette: How Valuable Is Your Life?

How Valuable Is Your Life?


Articles that mention me that are of some note, or are about me:

* San Diego News 10: San Diego Airport Employee Sparks Complaints (November 9, 2009):

San Diego News 10: San Diego Airport Employee Sparks Complaints

* Fox 40 (Sacramento): Local Morning Show Apologizes Over Transgender, Child Abuse Comments
Rob Williams and Arnie States apologize over controversial comments directed at the transgender community (June 11, 2009)

* The Advocate: Zapata Killer Pops Up on MySpace

* 365Gay: Obama Appoints First Openly Transgender Person To Post

365Gay: Obama Appoints First Openly Transgender Person To Post


“They” quote me, but “they” don’t like me:

* Alliance Defence Fund Alert: APA lobbied on Gender Identity Disorder definition

APA lobbied on Gender Identity Disorder definition

* Americans For Truth Against Homosexuality: Why We Need ‘Americans For Truth’
Favorite quote from the piece:

…one radical gender activist…

Why We Need Americans For Truth

* The Political Cesspool: Trouble In Pervetown
Favorite quote from the piece:

…we’ve got “Autumn” Sandeen, the 800 pound gorilla of tranny bloggers…

Trouble In Pervetown

James Edwards, the guy behind this blog, is a white supremicist too. Nice.

* The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer at RenewAmerica: Transgenderism and ObamaCare
Favorite quote from the piece:

Autumn Sandeen (who is biologically a male in every cell of his body despite adopting a female name) writes at Pam’s House Blend that it’s all hokum that sex reconstructive surgery could wind up being mandated by ObamaCare, all in an effort to contradict Matt Barber’s assertion that it almost certainly will.

Transgenderism and ObamaCare by Bryan Fisher at RenewAmerica