Dissenter Weekly: Vindicating The Rights Of Federal Whistleblowers

File: A statue of "blind justice" holds a pair of scales, on the exterior of the Albert V Bryan Federal District Courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia.

On this edition of the “Dissenter Weekly,” host and Shadowproof editor Kevin Gosztola highlights a couple examples of federal whistleblower legislation introduced recently in Congress.

Whistleblower advocacy groups have fought for more than a decade for access to the courts and jury trials. Yet, in 2012, when there was an opportunity to expand federal whistleblower protections, President Barack Obama and Congress balked at giving federal whistleblowers the same ability to challenge retaliation that whistleblowers in the private sector have.

Gosztola opens the show with a response to a new election-related censorship policy adopted by YouTube.

Later in the show, Gosztola covers two whistleblower stories—one involving a whistleblowing police officer in Phoenix, who was put on a Brady list for dishonest cops, the other involving a New Jersey National Guard member who blew the whistle on the lack of COVID-19 safety at their facility.

To watch the show, click on the above player or go here.

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