Delete Your Account – Episode 9: Watching The DNC Burn

Photo by vpickering on Flickr.

Photo by vpickering on Flickr.

On this episode, Roqayah and Kumars talk to Margaret Kimberley, a journalist and senior columnist at Black Agenda Report. She writes the weekly “Freedom Rider” column, which appears on Black Agenda Report and is widely republished elsewhere.

We discuss the history and philosophy of Black Agenda Report, including its focus on left anti-imperialism. We discuss the #DNCLeaks and the garbage fire that is the Democratic Party. Margaret makes the case that neither party can be trusted and a viable left third party must be built.

We debate the relative efficacy of top-down versus bottom-up strategies for building a left party, and whether both approaches are really needed. We also have some fun talking about Clinton’s VP pick and the silly media coverage of the RNC.

Follow Margaret on twitter at @freedomrideblog.

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