Art & Resistance With Boots Riley & Ellen Meeropol (VIDEO)

Boots Riley and The Coup perform live in 2011. (Wikimedia Commons / Amelia Kennedy Photography)

In this recent video from the Laura Flanders Show, a look at the power of combining art with activism.

Laura interviews author Ellen Meeropol and Center for Constitutional Rights senior staff attorney Rachel Meeropol. How do the mother and daughter use art and activism to fight government repression? Also on this episode: Part one of our interview with Boots Riley, activist and frontman of Oakland hip hop group The Coup. And Laura takes a look back at Occupy Wall Street, and the politicians getting slandered now.

Boots Riley is also featured in our Top 25 Protest Albums of the 2010s.

“Racism has a utility in capitalism – that’s why it exists.” The first of our two-part Boots Riley interview. Boots touches on activism today and what the spectacle of the Black Panthers means for activists now.

We’ve also frequently covered the Center for Constitutional Rights on Shadowproof.

What gaps can fiction fill in, in humanizing and bringing to life legal cases and human rights issues? Do authors have the same responsibilities to the facts? We ask Ellen Meeropol.

“I grew up with a pretty profound sense of justice and injustice and the idea that justice isn’t something that happens naturally,” — Rachel Meeropol, Center for Constitutional Right senior staff attorney


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