Camera Work: Some FDL Final Thoughts

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Since this will be my last post on FDL, and at the encouragement of folks on Ruth’s Saturday Art, I decided I would run it.

The photo shown is a pivotal image, and has been my splash screen on my Desktop since 2008 or 09. It is there because the look evolved while I was listening to an opera aria: “Marietta’s Song” from an opera called “The dead City” by Eric Korngold. Now Korngold is mostly known for his music accompanying Errol Flynn sagas, and others as well. I discovered it quite by accident, and was listening to it while I was working on this image. I was never happy with it yet, and while listening to the presentation, ideas began taking shape.

But it wasn’t till the final closing epilog, all orchestral that it happened. The light I knew behind the clouds started to glow and there it was. Now Korngold was quite fond of the work of Richard Strauss, and so he paid homage to Strauss by using a familiar unexpected key change (BbM to DM for the musically inclined),and when I heard that, the job was complete.

Music and photography have a strong connection, going back at least to Alfred Stieglitz with his series called Equivalents”; equivalent to music.Abstractions of clouds which spoke to him of music.

In fact, at about age 15, I actually tried that myself after hearing the first of the Debussy “Three Nocturnes”: “Nuages” Clouds. I knew nothing of Stieglitz at the time and the experiment was a miserable failure, especially technically. Unknowingly, I was hooked. I already played a musical instrument and I was on my way to photography.

In this case, I’m not trying to imitate Stieglitz. Far from it. Instead, I connect musically with the visuals through more of a metamorphosis than imitation. The photos are done. They need editing to bring them into balance. Music holds the key.

Yet, in the most recent case, the image posted last week, it was a finished piece, which I brought up to date using current (and very powerful) new tools in Photoshop. What happened there is I heard the music looking at the finished image, in my head, so much so I dashed downstairs and played it almost verbatim, more like improvising but essentially complete. Problem was: Where is it from and who is the composer? It was movie music, I knew that, so I went on line and the first thing I checked out was “Out of Africa” Nope. It took me a while but I finally found it in the music for “Dances with Wolves”. The composer? John Barry, who also composed “Out of Africa”.

Movie music can be banal, much of it is, but consider the whole. I’m tying music into my productions and what is a movie? A moving image.

So much informs me about what I am doing (I haven’t touched on intuition) that it all comes down to somewhere, sometime, I have to click a shutter!

Here is a link to Marietta’s Song:

With this I’ll say good luck and farewell to FDL

Photo ©2008-2015 Lawrence Hudetz All rights Reserved

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Lawrence Hudetz

Lawrence Hudetz