As Firedoglake goes offline this weekend, those of us who are launching Shadowproof would like to take the time to show appreciation for all the contributors, who helped make FDL special through the years.

Keeping FDL online and filled with daily content during hiatus was a struggle. It would have been even more impossible without the regular contributions of Ruth Calvo, Crane-Station, Frederick Leatherman, Lawrence Hudetz, and CTuttle.

Ruth kept up the “Saturday Art” series, which has highlighted something wonderful and magnificent each weekend. Lawrence continued his weekly “Camera Work” feature, which highlighted something captivating about photography each week. Crane-Station provided insightful commentary as part of “Over Easy” and with weekly posts.

Frederick (who blogged for some time under the name “Masoninblue”) increased his contributions during hiatus and published about three posts per week with sharp commentary on pressing legal issues of the day.

CTuttle put in a lot of hours finding content from places like Common Dreams and Mint Press News, which deserved to gain a wider audience. He took on some editing duties and maintained his regular “Late Night” postings, which featured something music-related each day.

Brandon Jordan published a daily “Round Up,” which had an invaluable quality to it. The collection of links was something I sometimes referenced when putting together my weekly podcast show, Unauthorized Disclosure. He also contributed news reports periodically.

Others who deserve mention for their work throughout the past decade: Spocko, wendydavis, msmolly, PeasantParty, Suzanne, Ed Walker, Richard Taylor, Chris Maukonen, masaccio, SouthernDragon (RIP), Jeff Kaye, Gregg Levine, bmaz, Jim White, Marcy Wheeler, David Dayen, and Lisa Derrick.

Two editors, who helped make FDL function, deserve acknowledgment too. Ellie Elliott did a lot to support the work of contributors. John Chandley or “Scarecrow,” who died from cancer a few years ago, was hugely responsible for keeping things going during the day.

Bev Wright was responsible for the incredible Book Salon chats, which took place each weekend. She put a lot of effort into coordinating with publishers and authors so they could come and interact with the FDL community. We all had an opportunity to learn a lot thanks to her efforts.

There are undoubtedly others, who were not named in this post and deserve acknowledgment. Please bring them up in the comments thread so that they can get the praise they deserve for making the FDL community special.

Every contributed post will be archived and available at the Shadowproof website.

Now, I know that there are a number of you wondering what will be happening next.

“Over Easy,” “Camera Work,” “Late Night,” and “The Round Up” will be indefinitely suspended. Those who have contributed to FDL will be encouraged to pitch stories and writings to Shadowproof.

Just as Firedoglake was reader-funded, Shadowproof will be supported through the generosity of individual donations and monthly subscriptions. Those who joined the FDL Membership Program over the past few years can expect to hear from us shortly about supporting Shadowproof.

I recognize that there is a level of shock and disappointment that FDL is coming to an end. People who made FDL a great community are worried about maintaining bonds with one another. There is worry that Shadowproof will be different than FDL, and it will be difficult to stay close and connected to one another.

I empathize with this feeling. You are not wrong because Shadowproof will be different. There will be new people, new voices, and new traditions established. And, while we very much want all of you to support our new venture, we understand that it will not be what some of you want it to be.

Much thanks to Jane Hamsher for giving us all a platform throughout the past decade.

Finally, this may be a sad ending for Firedoglake, but what is also true is that the birth of Shadowproof means Firedoglake will have a legacy that will grow throughout the next decades.

You all laid a foundation that made what I did at FDL from 2011-2015 possible, and I am forever indebted to many of you.

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."