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Another weekend gone, but it was a nice weekend. I bagged 20+ 40gal trash bags with cut grass and other lawn trash. You don’t realize how much is there until you have to pick it up!

Speaking of picking it up….

Fukushima Update:

The discussion of a Dead Pacific begins to get traction. I was initially hesitant about including things here that could be climate change related, but there’s no evidence of changing water temps in the area in question at all. The sea creatures have now had several generations of bathing in hot water and it looks like the response is no more breeding.

Per the Attorney representing US service members hit by the Fuku plume: 250 showing various illnesses, three dead, one baby basically born with cancer who died at age 2.

They’re ready to remove the fuel handling crane from the #3 SFP. Specially designed crane will be used. The likelihood of additional radiation releases from this activity is high, they’ve ordered all other work stopped while this is going on.

The JG/TEPCO (is there a difference anymore?) has selected Toru Ogawa to head up the research into how the heck they will actually decommission the site. /snark/ Not bad, only four years after the fact. And they are carefully NOT using the word decontaminate. Money quote:

He added that “we can’t carry out the decommissioning task” unless the center receives support and expertise from the United States

Here’s a new type of lawsuit for TEPCO to worry about: Loss of income from farmers and ranchers due to the disaster.

Interesting interview in RT. Takeaway: Partial estimate of current cost is 100 billion, 60% of which is compensation payments.

In order to reduce the compensation payments, the JG is lifting the Evac orders. They’re getting pushback and that pushback will only get worse.

The latest from Pluto. It seems like the ingredients for life are everywhere, it just needs the right conditions to start.

And the latest from Ceres. I don’t think anyone expected to find water.

Another study finds that climate change is making Calif’s wildfires worse and more frequent.

We’ve hit 90ghz in optical switching. Can a true optical computer be that far off?

Temple allocates 3.4 million to come up with a new version of creationism. Unh, you could ask the scientists.

Meanwhile, at an estimated cost of $90M, a replica of Noah’s Ark, intended to PROVE that two of every animal could have fit and thus prove the Story of Noah, Takes shape near the Creation Museum in Ky.

Boxturtle (Blessed be the censors, for they shall inhibit the earth!)

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