Camera Work: Going Back

I have a huge file of images; film of all sizes from 8”x10” to 35mm, B&W color and of course digital. The digital consists of scanned work from the film and original digital images. Using the designation common for digital audio, I range from AAA and DDD imagery, as well as in between. I’ve been doing photography since, well, Columbus was a midshipman, or at least it feels that way!

In 2007, I decided the medium has grown up enough to invest in a DSLR, the Nikon D80, and quietly retire the analog aspects. I haven’t really given up analog; I still own by Hasselblad system, but it languishes. That year, we went to Spokane WA for a wedding, and on the return trip, spent several days in Joseph OR, at the North edge of the Wallowas. It was there I launched my first serious effort in image collecting via digital medium. The change was 2-fold: I’m all digital and I’ve given up my preferred format, the square, to embrace the 35mm proportion as the primary format for image collecting.

Fast forward to 2015. Photoshop has changed dramatically in certain aspects. Along with the shoot 2007, I did major edits in CS3 (vers.10 in the evolution of Photoshop). It was pretty successful, and gave me confidence to continue.

These images have languished in my files but in the back of my mind, I knew they would have to emerge as they represent a major Oregon geographical location. So last week, I did a survey of the files and proceeded with selecting the images to publish on my website.

I no longer use Photoshop CS3, (vers 10); we are up to vers 16, known now as cc2015, recently released. What can I do with cc2015 that I could not do then? Turns out both more and less. Less in the sense that some images, when introduced into CC2015, come out less than acceptable, let alone impressive than they did in CS3. Some of that is because, in re-trying an image already corrected, I don’t have the exact steps to follow when I did it back in 2007. Try as I might, I cannot match the qualities, especially B&W images of which I was capable then. Rather nonplussed, to say the least. The implications are not comfortable.

OTOH, the color images do show a remarkable quality running them through cc2015, with tools available only this version, especially one called “Dehaze”.

It also shows that the D-80 is one fine instrument, providing an image that is subtly different than from my current camera, the D7100. By no means would I retire the D80 at this point.

I expected to have a new “Recent Uploads” to show this work, but recent events have slowed down my work which some of you who read OE here know about. So, all I have to show is the cover shot here, and in the near future, a more complete selection from the 2007 Wallowa shoot. I will tell you this. When I completed the edit of this image and did an A:B comparison to the 2007 edit, the change was both subtle and dramatic. Perhaps I’ll show that aspect, before and after at a future time

Photo©2007-2015 Lawrence Hudetz All Rights reserved.

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Lawrence Hudetz

Lawrence Hudetz