The Roundup for July 25th, 2015

And that ends our week folks.

International Politics


– Secretary of State John Kerry: This agreement with Iran is the only alternative to use of military force

– Juan Cole: “Did ISIL Arise Partly Because of Climate Change?

Middle East

– The International Red Cross warned there is “unprecedented” civilian suffering in Yemen. Meanwhile, clashes in Yemen left at least 20 dead

– The Syrian government believes it is too early to launch peace talks

– Refaat Alareer, co-editor of Gaza Unsilenced, joins The Real News to talk about new settlements constructed in the West Bank and reaction to it

– Israel uses one vital resource to control the lives of Palestinians: water

– While the Israeli leadership is furious about the deal with Iran, the security establishment of Israel actually favors it

Asia and Oceania

– The Cambodian parliament passed a bill allowing restrictions on non-governmental organizations


– An anti-ISIS protest in Turkey was broken up by Turkish police; Wait…why?

– Slavoj Zizek: “How Alexis Tsipras and Syriza Outmaneuvered Angela Merkel and the Eurocrats

– The EU bailout for Greece is delayed because of logistical issues

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Thank the U.S. for partially influencing the Dominican Republic’s racism against Haitans

– FARC, the rebel group in Colombia, denied it sought impunity for its members accused of war crimes

Surveillance Planet

– The NSA must be also be taken to task for helping corporate interests through surveillance

– Authorities in the U.K. admit it is still investigating journalists who worked with documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

– In France, a court ruled a bill allowing surveillance of anyone suspected of being a terrorist does not violate the French constitution

– Since the Ferguson protests last year, authorities have been tracking Black Lives Matter protesters

Financial Matters

– Puerto Rico can potentially file for bankruptcy, although external forces are restricting them from doing so

– Wall Street sure does love the Affordable Care Act as it is very profitable for them

– Anthem Inc. will purchase Cigna for $50 billion, which will make it the largest health care firm in the U.S.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– For youths in South America, they can find employment in informal sectors that are usually insecure and exploitative

– Michelle Chen: “Uber Wins a Battle With New York, Now It’s War

Excellent to see the Fight for 15 is rapidly spreading and winning across the U.S.

– In Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian taxi drivers demonstrated against Uber through road blocks and causing traffic

Politics US

Washington USA

– Jesse Myerson: “Why Doesn’t Bernie Sanders Run on a Truly Socialist Platform?”

– Gallup: While most GOP presidential candidates are known, they are not well-liked

– Rick Perry, one of those candidates, will now face just one felony charge; Phew

– Pew: Forty-eight percent of Americans favorably view the Democratic Party, while 32 percent say the same for the GOP

– Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA): I have questions over the Red Cross’ donations for Haiti

– David Sirota: “The Other 2016 Presidential Candidates Are Saying Things That Are Basically As Crazy As Donald Trump

– The Justice Department received a request over a possible probe in the scandal with Hillary Clinton and her emails

– Hillary, meanwhile, advocated for companies to think long-term than short-term

Anytown USA

– In Lafayette, La., a 58-year-old white male killed two people and wounded seven at a movie theater. The shooter then committed suicide. Police are investigating the writings of the shooter

– Pew: In the past 20 years, half of all church fires were created by arsonists

– Okay, enough is enough. This nonsense of “All Lives Matter” is disgusting and cannot be used ever again. Sandra Bland is dead. Another black person in the U.S. is dead. When will black lives matter for Americans?

An interview with Reverend Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou about the Black Lives Matter movement and what it represents

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Meth is becoming popular to create in West Africa, which is certainly troublesome

Planet Earth

– Scientists warn global warming will make carbon dating a more difficult process

– There are millions of electronic waste dumped every year, although no American regulators oversee it

Mixed Bag

No new sponsors have been signed for the 2018 FIFA World Cup since the beginning of the corruption scandal

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