The Roundup for July 24th, 2015

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International Politics


– Pew: Sixty-three percent of Americans support military action against the Islamic State; That’s surprisingly high

– The U.S. said it planned to take back Ramadi from ISIS before the end of the summer

Middle East

– It is not easy to find voices favoring the deal with Iran as a vast majority are against it

– A United Nations envoy said Israel and Palestine were further apart than ever in regards to peace talks

– Even Iranian dissenters support the international deal with Iran


– Nigeria wants the U.S. to provide more weapons to fight against Boko Haram despite human rights concerns associated with the Nigerian government

– Muluka Miti-Drummond, a director at the Southern Africa Litigation Center, joins The Real News to talk about Angola and repression there

– The Islamic State took responsibility for a bomb killing four Egyptian soldiers


– The Real News interviews people in Greece who demonstrated against anymore austerity

– Meanwhile, in this separate video, they document the refugee crisis in the country

– Journalist Max Blumenthal joins The Real News to talk about a documentary he recently helped make called Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie, which can be found here

– Beppe Grillo, a politician in Italy, called for the country’s debt to be used as a weapon against Germany and turn to an exit from the euro

– In Turkey, more attacks have been reported against anyone considered Chinese

– The U.K. government will investigate the police after a growth of cases where suspects in custody died

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Mexican and U.S. authorities do not wish to say who arrested “El Chapo” Guzman

– Ten military officers in Chile were charged with the death of Chilean singer Victor Jara

Surveillance Planet

– Natasha Lennard: “The Ashley Madison hack and the importance of protecting online secrets

Financial Matters

– Pew: Citizens across the world say the current economic conditions is overall bad

– Despite the UK pledging to increase aid for countries overseas, it is benefiting corporations overall

– The American Red Cross does not truly know what happened to the millions donated for Haiti

– There’s an easy solution to Illinois’ financial woes: tax the rich

Labor’s a-Brewing

– The fall of the A&P supermarket chain may lead to massive layoffs of workers

Politics US

Washington USA

– Trevor Timm: “It ain’t over til it’s over: America’s wars drag on no matter what officials say

– Hillary Clinton said the U.S. should confront “hard truths” on race after the death of Sandra Bland; A master politician at work

– Clinton, meanwhile, is getting financial support from private prison lobbyists

– Donald Trump is toying with a third-party run should the GOP not be accommodating

– It is not as if Trump’s views are unique in the GOP as other candidates share his vision on certain issues

– Meanwhile, some GOP presidential candidate will appear at an Islamophobic event

– Glenn Greenwald: “NBC News Releases the Long-Awaited Trailer for its Summer Horror Film About ISIS

– Republicans in Congress still want to end Net Neutrality because that is an issue that is very important to deal with. Yes, it is super important and everything else is meaningless

– The White House prefers to deal with the procedures in lifting the ban on transgender people in the military rather than the mortality

– Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: If elected president, the deal with Iran will go on day one

– At least 87 percent of undocumented migrants in the U.S. will be protected by President Barack Obama’s executive order

– Jeb Bush criticized the “swarm of lobbyists” in Washington D.C., although Bush was once one

– Martin O’Malley: The Democrats must push for reform against Wall Street

– The Internal Revenue Service said no new rules will be made against political groups for 2016, although a watchdog warned the IRS may still target them with audits

Anytown USA

– Gallup: Forty-four percent of Americans say they have tried marijuana in the past

– Patrisse Cullors, a founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, joins The Real News to talk about the movement itself and its next steps

– There will be a fundraiser for Baltimore cops charged with the death of Freddie Gray. A perfomance featuring a blackface performer

– Body cameras are not the magic bullet to police brutality as seen with the death of Sandra Bland

– Bland, before her death, left a voicemail for a friend expressing shock over her arrest

– Just 10 years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is becoming a city for the rich

– It is impossible to charge Dylann Roof with domestic terrorism as the charge does not exist

We Don’t Need No Education

– ALEC supports school vouchers, just not for the poor though

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Gallup: Twenty-one percent of Americans include gluten-free foods in their diet

The Second Sex

– Despite viewed as a land of opportunity and financial security, working mothers in the U.S. are not treated well

Planet Earth

– The drought is not the only thing California must worry about as industrial pollution affecting water supply is another

– Speaking of the drought, things will get worse with our water supply if no major changes come. Indeed, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch believes that as well

– When it comes to U.S. carbon emissions, the Pentagon is one culprit contributing a lot

Mixed Bag

– Journalist Mary Elizabeth Williams writes an excellent piece about Gawker and its harassment of individuals

– NASA announced it found the “closest twin to Earth” in the solar system so far

Break Time

The New Pollution [Beck]

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