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Video Shows Iowa Cops Falsely Claimed Black Man Posed Threat When Shot Him 5 Times


Officer chases after Webb while firing his weapon

After Waterloo police shot Jovan Webb while he was driving his car, officers from the police department in Iowa claimed he struck a police officer with his car. This allegedly led two officers to shoot at Webb’s vehicle multiple times. However, security video shows no officer was ever in danger and one police officer, who shot at Webb, chased after Webb’s car while firing his weapon.

Webb, who is a black man, was severely injured after being shot by police on April 5. Bullets from one or more officers hit Webb “twice in his arm, once in his chest, and twice in [his] abdomen.” He had surgery, but there are two bullets that remain inside him because they could not be removed. Webb suffered a “painful collapsed lung and he still has a breathing machine.” Doctors had to remove part of his intestine.

According to his lawyers, who have filed a lawsuit [PDF], he drove himself to the hospital. Although police did not charge him with a crime, he was handcuffed on arrival. Medical personnel later requested the handcuffs be removed so he could have his injuries treated.

Webb’s lawyers allege he was targeted with deadly force because of his race.

At 1:30 am, police responded to reports of a fight at a bar. Webb was at the business. He came out to watch the fight but did not know anyone involved and did not participate. When police arrived, the fighting had stopped.

A man believed to be Officer Thomas Frein knocked on the driver’s side window of Webb’s car “with a black object. Webb did not know this person and immediately pulled out of where he was parked. Frein or another officer named Mark Nissen allegedly chased after Webb as left the parking lot and shot his weapon at Webb.

Both Frein and Webb are alleged to have fired shots. As they fired their weapons, there were innocent bystanders in the parking lot, who had to duck for cover to ensure they were not hit by any stray bullets.

The security video shows Webb did not “pose a threat” to officers or “anyone else that could have justified” police using deadly force that could have killed him.

Webb has demanded a jury trial for his lawsuit against police, which is being brought by Loevy & Loevy, a firm known for winning multi-million dollar jury verdicts in police brutality cases of this nature.

In a previous case, Frein used “excessive deadly force against at least one civilian” and received no discipline or punishment.

The Associated Press reported on April 5, “DCI Special Agent Ray Fiedler says Webb is suspected of trying to flee the scene in a car and striking an officer.”

It now is apparent that this was a cover story created to falsely claim that Webb had threatened an officer in order to justify severely injuring Webb.

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Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola is managing editor of Shadowproof. He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, "Unauthorized Disclosure."