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We got a hot, muggy weekend with more of the same coming. Along with scattered, yet intense, thundershowers. Some folks were still without power last night, though fortunately we weren’t one of them. Wish we could ship some of this to California!

Fukushima Update:

Lots of good stuff here. Bottom line: They’re admitting that the melt has left the containment vessels (not news to those paying attention) and they’ve admitted it is doing “bad things” to the pressure containment vessel. The MAPP program they refer to is the best simulation that we have for reactor melt down.

Fukushima sends us flowers. These photos are from an area that the JG has declared safe to return to. Probably not radiation, just intense selective breeding then. Right?

The drainage canal that we’ve discussed before that contains highly radioactive water is overflowing into the ocean. 2,000+ Bq/l of beta emitting substances, plus the alpha emitting substances they won’t really discuss. TEPCO is simply monitoring this, they admit there’s nothing they can do.

And the typhoon is only going to make things worse.

The icewall is a complete failure. The melts are in direct contact with rainwater and groundwater due to the holes everywhere. The Japanese press says little due to the new secrecy laws. The JG will come down hard on anything that might delay reactor restarts.

Which means they are really upset about the fault discovered under the Shika NPP. Face it folks, there are very few places in Japan WITHOUT a fault.

They are loading fuel into the Sendai reactor, which will be the first one to restart.

What they’re NOT saying here is that the accounting fraud was solely due to attempts to hide the true costs of Fukushima to to Toshiba.

The Dawn mission is back on track. They lost a couple weeks due to a glitch in a thruster.

We’ve trapped light!

I’d never heard of Weyl fermions before. Massless, yet behaves as a particle.

You KNEW I had to put a link to the Pluto mission. I expected a rock, pocked with craters like our moon. See what expectations get you?

Meet the worlds oldest known goldfish! 40 years in the same tank!

Boxturtle (Hello, Monday!)

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