Fight Big Money in Politics & Win a Year’s Supply of Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen is freezing out big money’s corrosive influence in U.S. politics. This summer, he’s recruiting more people to join the fight for campaign finance reform by giving away a year’s worth of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with his #StampMoreTipMore Photo Contest.

Ben’s grassroots campaign, known as the Stamp Stampede, involves legally rubber-stamping your tip money with anti-corruption messages like “Not 2 B Used 4 Buying Elections” and “Stamp Money Out of Politics.” Thus far, over 50,000 people and growing have joined the campaign, and they’re together creating a mass visual protest against big money in politics all across the country.

Since many people use their cash to pay tip or they earn cash through making tips, Ben’s #StampMoreTipMore Photo Contest encourages people to stamp their tip money and take a photo of it.

If you need a stamp to enter the contest, here’s some good news: The Stampede is hosting a Pay What You Can Month right now so you can order their rubber-stamps from for free or at whatever price you choose for the rest of July. The photo contest ends on August 31. Find out more information about the #StampMoreTipMore contest here.

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