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Words fail me, like my high school teachers. In fact, words are like teachers, in the sense that they name things so we can talk about things.

Busy week, learning much more about EECP, how it works, why it works. Then there is the issue of increased Radon in our drinking water, thanks to the inept thinking about dealing with an EPA rule about drinking water, which, in our case, ups the Radon count to comply with a rule that doesn’t apply at all to Portland. I’ve been wrapping my brain around that one. Finally, I’ve devoted time to new shooting, editing and a bit of a makeover of the website, adding a new gallery named Recent Uploads. This because I do regularly add to the website but it becomes scattered, and there are images I want to introduce that do not fit any of the galleries to date. So, to give the newcomers a chance to be seen, far from the crowd of the rest of the site, I’m doing this. It will last only a short time, the images moved to their respective places, not necessarily all of them as this gives me a chance to take a measure of their ongoing worth, experimental value etc. Maybe a week or so, then the gallery will disappear, only to re-appear with new material as needed.

Here it is.

The EECP process I’m under going, is producing subtle and surprising results so I did some digging into the details. My amazement level went up several notches as I read, the most impressive is it’s effect on stem cells. Stem cells that influence the growth of bypass channels called corollaries around the blocked arteries. I knew about their existence, the corollaries, but didn’t know why. In fact, the simple process used in EECP influences major bodily functions which, when problems like angina appear, are in turn impacted negatively like diabetes and kidney problems. Now the primary care physician sees these problems in isolation and moves to address them while in fact, it’s all connected. Not to say that additional efforts with non-coronary problems do not need attention, but at least, the EECP process needs to go to completion. That was the lesson.

Radon. That moved me full circle, back to my first professional employment in electronics, doing instrumentation for Fast Neutron studies at Argonne national Labs in the late 50’s. It was there I was introduced into health physics with respect to ionizing radiation of all types and the strict methodologies necessary to detect relatively small exposures over time which could have major consequences down the road. These past weeks, I’ve been looking into that subject with respect to the particular element Radon, which is a daughter product of Radium and an alpha emitter, in the class with Plutonium and Polonium. Harmless to touch but deadly ingested. Radon is a gas, the only radionuclide to be so, and is in the water Portland uses to supplant the major water source in times of drought. Due to changes in storage processes, this problem is now to the forefront, and the dodging of the issue all through the literature is appalling. So I’m boning up on that.

You know, I was never so occupied at this level when I was actually employed. Sure, 8 hours or so, 5 days a week does take a chunk of time but these problems don’t go away so easily as dropping the subject and going home when employed.

Coming back to the website, I’m rather intrigued with this approach, recent uploads. No subject matter to decide on placement,. It is prompting me to maybe re-do the entire system, which has already undergone a re-do. Setting galleries according to, say, the year of the shot, or perhaps analog vs digital production has it’s possibilities.

The range of tools used in producing this set covers the major departures from reality I employ to date. I even have a tool that reverts the digital look to analog, but not any particular film stock. I might do a gallery that juxtaposes scanned analog (ADD) along side those that are full digital (DDD, to use the nomenclature of audio ). Of course, if you want to see an actual print, then it takes a first hand visit. True of even prints from the digital sources, scanned and full digital. Printing looks different than the screen version, especially so if your screen is not calibrated and profiled.

So that, dear readers, takes me to the point of abandonment today. As you can see, I’m OT with respect to the basic title, so you may as well be also.

Thanks for reading!

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