Kensington Palace Orangery serves easy eggs, you see

Kensington Palace Orangery serves easy eggs, you see

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Welcome to Thursday’s Over Easy, a continuation of Southern Dragon’s Lakeside Diner and its tradition of giving an overview of news our everyday media doesn’t cover, issues that we ought to consider outside the U.S. scene.   Yes, still from Over There in London, and I’m still showing the palace over easy eggs.  Next week, however, I’ll be back in PA and posting from there.

Should anyone wish to do a post for Friday’s Over Easy please let me know, otherwise I’ll leave another placeholder one as I will be out all day, a trip to Avebury’s stone circle and Stonehenge are on my schedule.

While events NASA has engineered aren’t from the outside in themselves, our new images from Pluto do seem to be extraterrestrial enough to qualify as foreign – and al Jazeera is another outside source, nice that we share these photos.

A zoom-in of Pluto reveals an icy range about as high as the Rockies — but Pluto, according to NASA, “cannot be heated by gravitational interactions with a much larger planetary body.” This means some other process must be building these mountains.

“This may cause us to rethink what powers geological activity on many other icy worlds,” said a New Horizons mission scientist, John Spencer.

The mountains, NASA said, are not more than 100 million years ago. A NASA press release called them “mere youngsters in a 4.56-billion-year-old solar system.”

Greece reached an agreement to provide the European Union with what it demands, in return for a bank bailout, and demonstrations against the capitulation washed through the streets.

Greece’s parliament has taken a crucial step towards a third bailout, by approving the economic measures required by its lenders.

With 229 MPs voting yes, and just 64 voting no, Athens has now given the green light to the plan — even though the prime minister himself admitted many of the “harsh” measures would hurt the Greek economy.

This means that other European parliaments can now vote on the plan too. And it should encourage the eurozone to finalise a $7bn bridge loan later on Wednesday.

The military exercise known as Jade Helm is providing a lot of fun for RT, where theresulting paranoia is seen as another outbreak of the result of U.S. involvement in surreptitious operations.

…some have taken the lack of media access to Jade Helm seriously. While the military has allowed reporters to cover drills in the past, Army Special Operations Command spokesman Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria said they would not be permitted to follow troops this time. A select number of reporters may be allowed to observe parts of the operation later, but that has yet to be determined.


Meanwhile, a group of hundreds of people has formed the “Counter Jade Helm” operation, during which volunteers will try to tail military participants, observe their actions, and report on their locations. While group surveillance leader Eric Johnston said he’s not concerned about Texas falling under martial law, he told the Houston Chronicle that he wants to maintain checks on the government.

“If a team member sees two Humvees full of soldiers driving through town, they’re going to follow them,” Johnston said. “And they’re going to radio back their ultimate location.”

The Large Hadron Collider has proved itself, finding a new particle called the pentaquark, such a good name for particle to follow Higgs Boson.

It was first predicted to exist in the 1960s but, much like the Higgs boson particle before it, the pentaquark eluded science for decades until its detection at the LHC.


“There is quite a history with pentaquarks, which is also why we were very careful in putting this paper forward,” Patrick Koppenburg, physics co-ordinator for LHCb at Cern, told BBC News.

“It’s just the word ‘pentaquark’ which seems to be cursed somehow because there have been many discoveries that were then superseded by new results that showed that previous ones were actually fluctuations and not real signals.”


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