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I know just how you feel

I know just how you feel


Well, it’s wet as all heck here and more is expected today. I cannot recall ever having this much trouble keeping my grass cut! Yet when I visited Glen Helen yesterday, all the water levels were WAY low. The Yellow Springs pond is less than half it’s normal size. Those creeks and rivers are mainly spring fed, is there a problem underneath?

Fukushima Update:

A regular gripe of mine is that they are not testing for alpha emitters, like Pu And U. Well, they have finally released some results. Bottom line: Pu levels are 10,000,000x normal. No, I didn’t stutter. That MUST have come from either a failed SFP or inside one of the cores.

Meanwhile, Sept 5 is set as the date the residents of Naraha can return home. The entire town is about 8000 people and located withing the 2okm exclusion zone. Yeah, we believe it’s safe.

Russia will be constructing a pilot plant for water decontamination at Fukushima. This is interesting, because the JG and TEPCO both claim to already have a working decontamination plant. They have admitted to problems with their current plant, this makes me think that the problems are WAY worse than publicly admitted.

The Progressive calls bullshit on the JG’s rosy description of Fuku.

Meanwhile, a reactor has been certified to meet post-fuku standards. Right here in the USA. The first plant to meet those standards, in fact. What an ODD coincidence that they also want to add another reactor.

New Horizons images Charon, Pluto’s largest moon. Closest approach is this week! Can’t wait to see the closeups!

The best look we’re going to get of Pluto’s far side. Raises more questions than answers.

The Rosetta probe has discovered sinkholes on the comet! Several theories of comet formation are thus destroyed.

The Dawn spacecraft at Ceres glitched into safe mode. Seems all is well, but they’ll delaying changing to a closer orbit to be safe.

We have broken the record for most powerful neutrino beam.

How about Alice in Wonderland syndrome!

Boxturtle (Scott Walker is trying to squeeze into the clown car. Joy)

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