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Make soup out of me? I don't THINK so!

Make soup out of me? I don’t THINK so!


Well, it was a great 4th here…unless you were a pet. A nearby display drove our dogs into hiding and they were still behind the couch when I went to bed. The cats couldn’t care less.

Fukushima Update:

There is a new robot for Fukushima. This is a new design, specially hardened, and intended to look for fuel amongst the debris. The hope is that it will last 10 hours or so in the high radiation environment. If they are looking for fuel anywhere but the area beneth the reactor, it means that they think either the core exploded (#3) or the SFP is compromised.

TEPCO has been held responsible for a suicide linked to the accident and ordered to pay $27M yen (About $220,000). This is the second loss for a suicide for TEPCO and there are 69 others that TEPCO could potentially be sued for so far. These could add up, but the courts are holding the payouts low it seems.

TEPCO has been granted loans of over $2.1B by major Japanese banks. This is considered a show of confidence, but anybody who thinks it was not done under EXTREME government pressure isn’t paying attention.

Nearly 1/3 of bass spawned as females turn males. No word yet if bass will be banned from Southern Baptists households.

Large number of black holes found, with the implication that there are a LOT more then we thought. Are there enough to disprove dark matter?

Micro-organisms COULD explain the features we see with Rosetta on the comet. So could a lot of other things, but it’s an interesting theory.

Ceres is providing surprises. We may be able to identify the bright spots on the next pass.

New Horizons had a hiccup, but all is well.

Bee soup, anyone?

Boxturtle (When choosing between evils, I always try the one I haven’t tried before – M. West)

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