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Greece And The Giant Grexit, Day 3

– Greece is still in default and it must go to step two: a Grexit

– Germany is very angry with Greece and say the Greek government is using scapegoats for its own problems

– Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras: We are being “blackmailed” by the troika and must vote no in the referendum

– Eurozone leaders refused to meet with Greece before the referendum vote

– Greek Financial Minister Yanis Varoufakis: There is no way we can leave the euro even if we vote no

– Moody’s, the credit rating firm, downgraded Greece’s credit rating

International Politics


– Sepp Blatter: Everyone involved in the FIFA scandal must go to jail. Not me though because “I will go to heaven”; No, this isn’t a joke I wrote, he actually said this

– The U.S. announced, on July 20, its embassy in Cuba will be re-opened

– The United Nations’ cultural agency warned the Islamic State is committing “cultural cleansing”

– Secretary of State John Kerry: Progress is being made over the P5+1-Iran talks

Middle East

– U.N. officials seriously urge peace talks to begin in Yemen as they dub it a humanitarian catastrophe

– U.S. General Martin Dempsey: The reason why there are few recruits in Syria against the government and ISIS is because of Ramadan; Yes…that…

Asia and Oceania

– The U.S. government funds more than 600 health clinics in Afghanistan, except most do not exist


– Militants said to be associated with ISIL attacked Egyptian soldiers and killed 64 of them

– The Libyan prime minister, well the internationally recognized one, said he wants a peace deal for the country

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Henry Kissinger, who supported the brutal dictatorship that tortured Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, recently met Rousseff; Certainly an awkward situation

– A federal judge in Mexico urged states to allow gay marriage

– Both the U.S. and Venezuela are quietly re-patching their relationship

– A constitutional court in Guatemala is looking to remove immunity for President Otto Perez Molina, who is embroiled in major corruption scandals

Surveillance Planet

– Canadian intelligence said the disclosures revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was damaging. Why? Uh…well…they can’t say

– Meanwhile, documents by Snowden reveal NSA’s own Google-like engine but for surveillance purposes

Financial Matters

– The Justice Department is investigating whether airline companies are keeping air fares high

– The CEOs of Whole Foods admitted they overcharged their customers in New York City and will implement changes to ensure it does not happen

– A Federal Reserve official noted high-frequency trading needed to be researched more to understand it better

– Puerto Rico Electronic Power Authority will not face default as they issued a $415 million bond

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Michelle Chen: “TPP Could Actually Make Working Conditions Worse in Vietnam

– In Chicago, 17 teachers at a charter school were fired for what they say was retaliation over unionization efforts

Politics US

Washington USA

– President Barack Obama: All states must ensure Medicaid expansion for those with low-income

– A former Drug Enforcement Administration officer plead guilty to stealing Bitcoins in the Silk Road investigation

– Jason Leopold: “Why the US Refuses to Release a Draft of a Speech Hillary Clinton Gave 6 Years Ago

– The Sierra Club asked the White House for increased transparency on fossil fuel companies that are government contractors

– The Department of Interior denied the Washington Redskins a new lease for their stadium because of their name

– Trevor Timm: “Killing civilians to vanquish Isis will only make besieged people hate us

– Ben Carson, one GOP contender, raised at least $8.3 million in the past three months

– It definitely is fair to say Sarah Palin’s relevance in politics is essentially over

– Glen Ford: “Both Major U.S. Parties are Plagues on Humanity

Anytown USA

– Kit O’Connell: “Mailman Faces Felony Charges For Delivering Protest Letters Via Gyrocopter To Congress

– Free speech protects the right of civilians to curse at officers, although police arrest some people for it

– Here are five examples of asset forfeiture, an abusive tactic used by officers to steal money

– While progress is being made for gays, it is definitely not appropriate to compare with the struggles blacks face in the U.S.

– Officials in New York City say major crimes will be below 100,000, a record in the past two decades

We Don’t Need No Education

Certainly interesting to read about the misuse of Title IX on college campuses against professors

– For students in elementary schools, divisions based on class and race affect their education

– Want to buy an apartment in Manhattan? That’ll be $1.85 million

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Gallup: More Americans say alcohol is very dangerous compared to few who say the same about painkillers and pot

– A company wants to release genetically modified mosquitos, which may potentially create problems

The Second Sex

– The FIFA Women’s World Cup highlights the importance of investing in teams found in Asia or Africa

– As a case in Pakistan reveals, there are risks for women to depend on fundamentalist Islam; My assumption is such institutions were created by the ruling elite to ensure stability and security

Planet Earth

– There is one last line of defense against Shell’s drilling in the Arctic—walruses and polar bears

A new study found hydrofracking uses a lot of water, especially in areas suffering from a drought

– Thanks to climate change, Alaska’s glaciers are melting at a faster rate than usual

– The Vatican is considering divestment from fossil fuels; But…the encyclical….

– Officials in California said they cut water use by 29 percent in May

Mixed Bag

– The Onion: Jeb Bush Surprised How Easily Stance On Confederate Flag Set Him Apart From Other Republican Candidates

– The wife of Tony Blair helped organize a meeting between Hillary Clinton and the first lady of Qatar

– Google apologized after an app tagged two black people as “gorillas”

– Rivera Sun: “Revolution’s Matchstick

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

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