The Roundup for July 1st, 2015

A new month!

Greece and the Giant Grexit, Day 2

– Greece missed its June 30 payment to the International Monetary Fund

– Mark Weisbrot: “Are the European authorities trying to get rid of the Greek government?“; Good question

In general, this crisis was expected and European officials are seriously considering a Grexit

– President Barack Obama: While Greek crisis will not affect U.S. financial system, it will affect Europe’s

– Some Greeks marched in the capital for a “Yes” vote, who may reflect the conservative side of Greece

Part one of two with professors William Black and Michael Hudson on why the troika insists on getting Greece to a deal, which would help out foreign banks 

– It is right to say the Greek referendum holds significant consequences for the future of the euro

– Dean Baker: “The NYT Is Wrong: Greece Shouldn’t Accept Endless Depression Because Default Might Be Painful

International Politics


– U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: The world should be ashamed for failing to end the Syrian conflict

– In spite of the benefits associated with human rights organization, they still cannot truly uphold human rights for all

– Professor Cyrus Bina and National Iranian American Council Policy Director Jamal Abdi join The Real News to explain the potential of a P5+1-Iran deal even after the deadline

– Meanwhile, the deadline extended to another week with the U.S. threatening to walk away if Iran pledges never to go for nuclear weapons

– North Korea, suffering from a drought, requested aid from Iran, its ally

Middle East

– The Islamic State vowed to take over the Gaza Strip from Hamas

– In Yemen, rebels freed 1,200 prisoners from jail cells before government forces captured the prison

– Rania Khalek: “Israel tops explosive killers’ list

– Israel seized a floatilla heading to the Gaza Strip and called it an “act of piracy”


– Juan Cole: “Can Tunisia’s Democracy Survive Terrorism?

– Emails from Hillary Clinton reveal French forces essentially created the rebels against Moammar Gaddafi


– Turkey rejected any claims it was interested in joining the Syrian war and stressed it wanted border security

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro supports reparations for Caribbean states over salary

– Fear in the Dominican Republic of deportation is not new, unfortunately

Surveillance Planet

– Henry A. Giroux: “Orwell, Huxley and the Scourge of the Surveillance State

– A federal judge ruled the NSA can continue its bulk data collection program…for now

Financial Matters

– To improve the 1,000 pound currency, the Syrian government introduced a new version of it

– Michael Roberts: “Rethinking economics: value, irrationality and debt

– Journalist Glen Ford joins The Real News to explain the new Chinese-led World Bank-alternative and how it can counter the U.S.

A new study found offering jobs and training to people engaged in crime will make less likely to do such crimes

– Arab bankers report they face problems with their U.S. counterparts

– Canada, based on the latest economic data, is in a recession

Labor’s a-Brewing

– A review of a documentary highlighting the success of Hot and Crusty workers in New York City for wages

– Airport workers in Boston, thanks to help from the SEIU, are organizing to make a union

– The public sector can potentially lose if the Supreme Court rules, next year, on behalf of “right to work”

Politics US

Washington USA

– The White House announced it is interested in expanding overtime pay for U.S. workers

– The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from oil companies behind the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which means they are still guilty

Part eight of 10 with Truthdig Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer on the failure of the “American experiment”

– After SCOTUS’ ruling striking down parts of mandatory minimum laws, more reform might follow; How can you reform the un-reformable?

– You know that one SCOTUS case allowing use of a lethal injection drug in Oklahoma? Well the majority relied on testimony from an “expert” who researched on; Wait, how do I apply to be an expert

– Jeb Bush made nearly $20 million in his income over the past three years

– New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is running for president on the Republican ticket; STOP THE MADNESS NO MORE CANDIDATES

A new study found the CIA failed to recruit people of color despite pledging to do so

Anytown USA

– A Department of Justice report found Ferguson police threatened people interested in protesting last August

– Liberals and conservatives both confide in the military and small business

– New York City froze rent for one-year leases as the cost was too high, which is not exclusive to the Big Apple

– Ali Abunimah: “US church votes by landslide to divest from Israeli occupation

A new poll found nearly one in three Americans carry a gun

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– California passed a bill into law requiring vaccines for students; Good

– The World Health Organization announced Cuba will be the first country to eliminate syphilis and HIV transmission from the mother-to-child

The Second Sex

– Jessica Valenti: “The war on drugs has reached into the womb – and threatens abortion rights

Planet Earth

– Royal Dutch Shell believes it will start Arctic drilling by the third week of July and got another permit from the federal government

– China pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 60 to 65 percent of its 2005 levels

– Brazil and the U.S. too pledged to get 20 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2020

– A U.S. government watchdog wants the Department of Interior to investigate misuse of government funds on irrigation in California and Oregon

– Israel is able to use a weapon against Palestinians: water

Mixed Bag

A start-up backed by Google will convert New York City payphones into free Wi-Fi spots

– Activist Ras Ceylon joins The Real News to explain the short life of Malcolm X’s grandson

– President “My House” Obama will install metal spikes on the White House lawn

– The U.S. is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country; Muy bien, ahora podemos tener #FullCommunism

– Paul Coombs: “I created the Isis dildo flag at London Pride to start a dialogue, not get a laugh

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