Over Easy: Is the Governor of Maine Mentally Ill?

Governor LePage

Governor LePage

According to the necn news station, calls for Maine Governor Paul LePage to be impeached are increasing. More than 100 people rallied outside the Statehouse in Augusta, Maine on Tuesday, following allegations that the bombastic governor blackmailed a school, threatening to withdraw funding if it did not fire a political opponent:

Last week, Democrat Speaker of the House Mark Eves announced he lost his job as President at Good Will-Hinckley School. He said Governor LePage threatened to withdraw state funding from the school if it did not fire Eves.

LePage admits making the threat, but said he was looking out for the school’s best interest.

Several legislators have requested the government oversight committee launch an ethics investigation into LePage.

As the governor becomes increasingly isolated, with his speech in public becoming more and more out of control, inappropriate and hateful, perhaps impeachment would actually benefit him- so that he can get some help. His vile comments include remarks about blowing things up (see video) and shooting people: Bangor Daily News reports that LePage also said that some lawmakers should be “rounded up and executed” in public:

A day after Gov. Paul LePage told a group of high school students that he would “like to shoot” a Bangor Daily News cartoonist, a top advocate for expanding passenger rail to Lewiston-Auburn said that LePage earlier this month said state lawmakers from Lewiston should be “rounded up and executed in the public square.”

In addition, Governor LePage has apparently demonstrated that he cannot, or will not, work with the legislature in Maine. He has vetoed more than 100 bills and line-item vetoed 79 so far this session. When he does this, the legislature must spend time and resources in an override process.

For everyone’s sake, including himself, it’s time for Governor LePage to go. Perhaps he can find a job where he is not so miserable that he constantly spews vitriol in public.

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