Young Turks: “Epic Setback in Marijuana Legalization Movement” (VIDEO)

In Colorado, where marijuana is now legal, a quadriplegic employee of Dish Network was fired from his job for using medical marijuana- not at work- but during his off-hours. When he challenged his termination from his job by filing a lawsuit, the Supreme Court in Colorado sided with the employer. Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) discusses this ruling and poses the question:

Do you think your employer should be able to fire you if you smoke marijuana?

Dish Network attorney Meghan Martinez made the following incomprehensible statement defending the firing of this employee (see video at 2:49):

He smoked marijuana while at home, but he crossed the threshold [to his office] with THC in his system. The use is the effects, it’s the THC, it’s the whole point of marijuana. So, when he came to work, he was using.

Babbling nonsense.

As an aside, I’ll say this much: If Dish Network spent more time on providing even marginal services to its paying customers and less time stalking its employees with junk science and nonsensical arguments that have nothing to do with actual impairment, maybe Dish wouldn’t suck so much. Since we no other choices, we are unfortunately reduced to being customers of Dish, where we have, hands-down, the worst internet service we have ever had. Ever.

What do you think of a company firing someone for having marijuana metabolites in urine, in a state where marijuana, and its use, is legal?

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