The Roundup for June 25th, 2015

Phew, almost there to the end of the week.

International Politics


– President Barack Obama: We have let down the families of terrorist hostages

– The United Nations’ envoy to Yemen said a ceasefire in the country must be implemented

– The Israeli Defense Force denied it works with Syrian rebels

– NATO will review its nuclear weapons strategy in light of recent incidents with Russia

Middle East

It shows a lot about the Israeli state for it to block a filmmaker from leaving the West Bank for a premiere of his film

– Kurish forces in Syria said other rebel groups should lead the charge against the Islamic State to take over Raqqa

– ISIS, meanwhile, claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that left 14 dead in an Iraqi province


A new report found the Syrian war left the country “on the brink of economic collapse”

– Just one-third of all EU member states are governed by the center-left

– What’s going on with the Greek negotiations? It’s all in a stalemate

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– David Swanson: “Resistance in Honduras Alive and Jumping

Surveillance Planet

– In a phone call with French President Francois Hollande, President Barack Obama did not deny Wikileaks’ report the NSA spied on the past few French presidents

– Meanwhile, France, despite anger over NSA spying, passed a new law to expand surveillance

– Trevor Timm: “IRS employees can use ‘password’ as a password? No wonder we get hacked

– The head of the NSA wants powers to visually see the people on Earth because democracy or something

– U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter: NATO must boost its cyberdefense

– Sam Sacks: “In Bid To Embarrass Obama Appointee, McConnell Underestimates Federal Cyber Insecurity

Financial Matters

– Boys Town, a non-profit organization, lost its contract with New York City over a rape committed by three youths in the program

Part two of four with Dr. Salvador Babones about a massive jobs program to help the U.S.

– France announced it will look into building two nuclear reactors for Saudi Arabia

– In the Gaza Strip, buying gifts is a part of the culture. Yet, with funds tight, less visits are made to family and friends

– Shell is very interested in working in Iran once international sanctions are lifted

– What is profiting off the war in Yemen? 401ks of course!

– The U.S. oil and gas industry is really, really eager to lift the crude oil export ban

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Michelle Chen: “Someone Has to Sort Your Recycling, and It’s a Disgusting and Dangerous Job

Politics US

Washington USA

– The Senate passed fast-track, 60-38, and it now goes to the president. This just shows what Obama truly represents–capitalism

– There is a bill in the Senate removing country-of-origin-labels because it violates World Trade Organization rules

– Jill Stein announced this week she will run for president on the Green Party ticket

– *Sigh* Bobby Jindal, Republican governor of Louisiana, announced his running for president

Part five of 10 with Robert Scheer, editor-in-chief with Truthdig, about the 1960s, resistance and his time at Ramparts magazine

– Jason Leopold: “Fearing a ‘Catastrophic Incident,’ 400 Federal Officers Descended on the Baltimore Protests“; We found those outside agitators after all

– House Democrats urged the Obama administration to end draconian immigration detention

– Ali Abunimah: “US Congress members demand end to Israel’s ‘cruel’ abuses of Palestinian children

– Extremist terrorists overseas are not a danger to Americans in spite of what manipulators in the media say

– The Internal Revenue Service, despite it being illegal, works with tax delinquent contractors

– Lee Fang: “OPM Contractor’s Parent Firm Has a Troubled History

Anytown USA

– Dave Zirin: “The Confederate Flag, the Washington Football Team, and the Owners Who Love Them

– Part one and two with historian Gerald Horne and former Black Panther Party leader Eddie Conway about the history of white supremacy and its symbols other than the Confederate flag

– Glen Ford: “The Perils of the Politics of Symbolism

– Attorney Kamau Franklin joins The Real News to discuss essentially the same thing

– A judge thankfully stopped a ballot initiative allowing for anyone suspected of being gay to be killed


Health, Hunger and Homelessness

A new report finds, once again, suicides in Ireland increased because of austerity

The Second Sex

A new study found men act more masculine when they feel it is threatened

– Two ex-Vanderbilt University students, convicted of rape, were released after a judge ruled a mistrial in their case

– A lawsuit against American Apparel accused its founder of sexist and racist conduct against employees

Planet Earth

– A judge in the Netherlands ruled the country must significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2020

– It is best for the collective to reduce consumption of Nutella, which is not only unhealthy but harmful for the planet

– The Caribbean is also suffering from a major drought, once again highlighting global warming

– ExxonMobil stopped operations at three offshore platforms because of the rupture pipeline in Santa Barbara

Mixed Bag

– Part one and two with Dr. Baruti Kopano about white culture taking and misusing black culture for profit

– The mainstream media still is problematic when reporting on racial issues today

Break Time

Mannish Boy [Mud Morganfield and Big Bill Morganfield]

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