Late Night FDL: Kryptonite

3 Doors Down – Kryptonite

3Doors Down has a new album on tap…

Us And The Night due out later this year

3 Doors Down have revealed the title of their upcoming sixth album.

The Mississippi rockers will release Us And The Night later this year, guitarist Chris Henderson says.

He tells KFMX: “I’m actually on my way to the studio right now to finish guitars for a new record. The music’s almost done. Probably in the next five days the record will be finished 100 percent and sent off to mix.

“It’s going to be called Us And The Night, so there is an album title. I think the tentative release date will be September, October, November – somewhere in that area. We want to make sure it’s right before we put it out.”

The album will be the follow-up to 2011’s Time Of My Life.

I’m back to work tonite…! Be nice…!

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  • Pluto

    Stroszek — The Final Scene

    Who else but Werner Herzog would make a film about a retarded ex-prisoner, a little old man and a prostitute, who leave Germany to begin a new life in a house trailer in Wisconsin? Who else would shoot the film in the hometown of Ed Gein, the murderer who inspired “Psycho” (1960)? Who else would cast all the local roles with locals? Who else would end the movie with a policeman radioing, “We’ve got a truck on fire, can’t find the switch to turn the ski lift off, and can’t stop the dancing chicken. Send an electrician.”

    “Stroszek” has been reviewed as a commentary on American society,

    This last sequence is just about the best he has ever filmed, Herzog says on the commentary track of the DVD. His crew members hated the dancing chicken so much they refused to participate, and he shot the footage himself. The chicken is a “great metaphor,” he says–for what, he’s not sure. My theory: A force we cannot comprehend puts some money in the slot, and we dance until the money runs out.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    incredible drum hook

    Gibson & Marshall
    Les Paul Ron Paul

    nader paul mckinney ventura

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  • Ruth

    morning, middle of the night pups, joining you from Jolie Olde Angle-land, since here it’s 9;30 and happens I am up and my Art Post isn’t – will check in later, and everyone will be off, so just checking in.