Late Night FDL: Overture

Rush- Overture

Rush will be filming their final overture…

Rush will film their hometown shows later this month for a future live release.

They play Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on June 17 and 19 as part of what’s expected to be their final large-scale tour.

In April guitarist Alex Lifeson ruled out the idea of streaming any of the shows live as a result of their “old school” approach to performance. He said: “We want to keep it ‘that event, that concert, that congregation.’ In that sense we’ll do it a little more old-fashioned.”

But he was more positive towards the idea of releasing board mixes to those who’d attended shows, noting: “it’s a relatively easy thing to develop.”

Earlier this week Lifeson said he hoped Rush would continue to play in a limited format after the tour, and that they might have two more albums in them.

In the current edition of Classic Rock, on sale now, frontman Geddy Lee confirms the band know they’re reaching the end of the road – and he fears Lifeson’s arthritis would be the biggest factor in ending their live career.

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