The Roundup for May 27th, 2015

International Politics


– The United Nations passed a resolution condemning attacks against journalists

– Fourteen people, including nine FIFA executives, were arrested by authorities in Switzerland after an indictment by the U.S.; Dave Zirin writes more here

– Sepp Blatter: We welcome an investigation by U.S. officials into FIFA

– UEFA, the European section of soccer, said FIFA elections should be postponed 

– Talks between P5+1 and Iran may go beyond the June 30 deadline, an Iranian official said

– One French official said, if Iran refused to open its military sites, the deal should be called off

Middle East

– Islamic State militants launched suicide attacks against Iraqi forces in the Anbar province and 17 soldiers died

At least 80 people were killed in Yemen due to Saudi-led airstrikes

– A United Nations official said the rise of executions in Saudi Arabia was troubling

– Tony Blair will no longer be an envoy for peace in the Middle East; A position he relinquished after supporting the Iraq War

– At a trial of a Washington Post journalist in Iraq, a letter sent by Jason Rezaian to President Barack Obama was referred to in court


– What do John Kerry, Tony Blair, Francois Hollande and David Cameron all share in common? They support the Egyptian military government


– The European Commission said member states should accept more than 40,000 refugees from Syria and Eritrea for the next two years

– Refugees in Germany are mobilizing together to ensure they are not kicked out or ostracized

– Academics studying Syrian refugees in Turkey must get government approval first

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Lawmakers in Peru voted against legislation allowing abortion for women raped

– A journalist in Brazil who denounced drug dealers and traffickers was murdered 

– The opposition in Venezuela is divided on what to do going forward

Surveillance Planet

– Officials at the Internal Revenue Service believe Russian hackers to be the ones who took personal information from taxpayers

– Very strange the government is struggling to deal with breaches

– Attorney General Loretta Lynch: I am worried about encryption as it hurts law enforcement investigations

– The FBI is very worried about losing its surveillance tools

Financial Matters

A new survey found the higher one’s income is, the more likely they say trade agreements benefit them and the country

– Do banks worry about felonies? Short answer: No. Long answer: Nope.

– Former State Department officials support passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Definitely not because they work at companies set to benefit.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Behind the creation of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream are stories of worker exploitation and abuse 

Politics US

Washington USA

– Jason Leopold: “The State Department Will Start Releasing Hillary Clinton’s Emails June 30

– U.S. officials say sympathizers for the Islamic State are threatening airlines

– Oops. The Pentagon accidentally shipped anthrax to laboratories in the U.S.

– A lobbyist pushing for TSA body scanners is now in control of what the TSA spends on; My guess is less body scanners

– Lawrence Wilkerson: “The Taliban in Our Midst

Lots of money by corporations went to Senators to support TPP; I wonder why…

– Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT): Hillary Clinton needs to take a stand on TPP now

– U.S. customs is sure interested in learning whether any Muslim-American coming to the U.S. is connected to any martyrs

– Chelsea Manning: “The years since I was jailed for releasing the ‘war diaries’ have been a rollercoaster

– Rick Santorum joins the fun as he announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential election

– Hillary Clinton said the middle class must mean something again

– Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY): Republican hawks led to the rise of ISIS

Anytown USA

– In 2011, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) created an agency to make jobs for state residents. Recently, he was removed from his position due to corruption

– Nebraska abolished the death penalty after lawmakers voted to do so

– The creation of ghettos were no accident. Rather, it was deliberate decision to create them

– Police departments across the U.S. obtain their funding from different resources. For example, debtor prisons

– Two former Chicago Police Department officers took a photo with a black man as if they just hunted him like deer. More can be found here

– We can take a page out of Malcolm X’s book in terms of activism when dealing with the issue of affordable and fair housing

We Don’t Need No Education

– Penn State University suspended a fraternity after the release of photos featuring naked, unconscious women

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

A new study warned more than five espressos worth of caffeine may damage one’s health

– Gallup: While the lowest obesity rate can be found in Hawaii, the highest can be found in Mississippi

– A top psychiatrist exposed for his faulty research is now waging a personal campaign against the journalist who reported on such research

– There is a major health crisis in China threatening the entire population: mental illness

– The Food and Agricultural Organization believe it is possible to eradicate world hunger in a generation

– A Government Accountability Office report warned the federal government is ill-equipped to deal with a contagious outbreak on poultry and livestock farms

A new study found it is definitely helpful to get tested for HIV early

The Second Sex

– Jessica Valenti: “Sexists are scared of Mad Max because it is a call to dismantle patriarchies

Planet Earth

– There might be new explosions in the future at Fukushima and that is definitely not good

– Actually, the drought affecting those out west is more man-made than of nature

– Lawmakers in charge of environmental issues in Congress do not think more anti-pollution laws are necessary

– Desalination might be the way to deal with the world’s growing demand for fresh water

– Shareholders of ExxonMobil and Chevron rejected resolutions regarding reducing carbon emissions and climate change

Mixed Bag

The Onion: FIFA Frantically Announces 2015 Summer World Cup In United States

– Josh Duggar, a child molester currently in the news, sued the Arkansas Department of Human Services in 2007 after the latter discovered the former was a child molester

– Breeding dogs is not only wrong, but hurts the dog population in general

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

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  1. bsbafflesbrains
    May 28, 2015 at 11:50 am

    What will Tony Blair list on his CV as accomplishments while ME Peace Envoy?
    I guess Obama could share his Nobel Prize since Blair was just as effective. Remember when peace mostly meant no bombs and no deaths by military? Now it means scheduled meetings and humanitarian (resupply of ammo) pauses in fighting.

  2. Alice X
    May 28, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    Corruption Is Legal In America