Late Night: Tiny Alice

With CT involved with his daughter’s wedding and all, thought I would put up a post.


Tiny Alice was a local Cleveland group from the 1970s. They began as an acoustic jug band but evolved into and electric band. Played many venues in Cleveland most notably concerts in support of the Cleveland Free Clinic.

From The final vinyl.

This band is from Cleveland, Ohio and was founded by George Woideck in the late 60’s as the Tiny Alice Jug Band. The band started as an acoustic jug band and evolved into the music styles of Tiny Alice. Their music is a mix of country, jazz, blues, rock and folk with a dash of comedy. The original lead singer was a small blonde girl by the name of Alice Popovich, she looked like Alice from Wonderland and that is how they got their name. The band found a receptive audience in Cleveland’s folk clubs and over time established a large following.

The band recorded an album for Kama Sutra records and it was released in 1972. This was the only album the band ever released and the cover is made to look and open like a matchbook. The band went on tour with Sha Na Na and The James Gang. They also did some gigs with Cheech and Chong but by the end of the year the label dropped them and by 1973 they disbanded. Towards the end Peggy left and was replaced by Betsy Marshall, George soon departed and was replaced with Alan Echler who got replaced by Tom Luticia.

Tom Moratta became an attorney and plays with David Krauss in the band Indiscretions. Norman Tischler played in several bands through the years and now teaches brass and woodwinds. Randy Benson joined Glass Harp and may haved moved to Canada. Danny Mazza continued playing drums in Ohio bands and now plays for the blues band, Code Blue. Tiny Alice got back together in 2006 to perform at Cleveland’s Hessler Street Fair (the most prominent vestige of Cleveland’s original hippie community).

So what’s on you minds tonight Firedogs ? Know any good local talent ?

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