Late Night FDL: Love Is Your Name

Steven Tyler has jumped genres…

Love Is Your Name, the first country single Steven Tyler, begins with the downward strum of an autoharp.

The stringed instrument, rarely heard on country records these days, is often associated with the Carter Family’s Mother Maybelle Carter and her daughter June Carter Cash. For the Aerosmith frontman, though, there’s another association: The Lovin’ Spoonful.

“When I was a kid, I used to go down and see those guys; they had a huge hit with Do You Believe in Magic,” Tyler says. With other songs, most notably Nashville Cats, the ’60s folk-rock group helped young rock fans of that generation think differently about country music.

Tyler, who has signed with Nashville’s Big Machine Label Group to record a country solo album, says he was already into the music. The singer’s lifelong infatuation with country music began when he stole the Everly Brothers singles that belonged to his older sister. Around that same time, he turned a long wire into a radio antenna up an apple tree near his house and began picking up the signal from a country station in Ft. Wayne, Ind. “That’s how I grew up listening to all that stuff,” says the singer, who counts the Everlys, Patsy Cline and Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks among his early country favorites.

The harmony-rich Love Is Your Name doesn’t sound quite like anything else on country radio at the moment, nor does it sound like what Aerosmith fans might expect from the group’s singer. “It’s a little bit between Steven Tyler and Mumford & Sons and the Everly Brothers,” Tyler says…

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