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Update on Gyrocopter-Flying Doug Hughes

By Virginia Choi

Doug Hughes, the campaign finance reformer who made headlines in April when he brilliantly landed a gyrocopter onto the U.S. Capitol lawn in order to draw attention to big money in politics, kindly sent us a photo of him with stamped money.

He told us over the phone: “My stunt was only a stunt. I’m only getting started in getting my message out to support the overall movement across the board,” adding, “Convincing people that there’s a problem isn’t hard, it’s convincing people there are solutions.”

Mr. Hughes expressed how — much like his tour de force gyrocopter flight — our campaign to stamp anti-corruption messages on money is a good way to awaken Americans who are disenchanted by the political corruption in this country to all the viable solutions out there. Hughes wants Americans to know that this people-powered fight to reclaim our democracy won’t be a quick fix but there are a number of creative solutions out there.

We agree and we’re thrilled to have him join the Stampede! Go Doug!

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